34 TOP Gardening Gifts & Gift Ideas for Gardeners Of All Types

It’s hard to find the perfect Gardening Gifts & Gift Ideas for Gardeners, especially for someone you loved.

You want something that is thoughtful, but not too expensive. Plus, you don’t want it to be a bunch of cheap plastic stuff that will get tossed in the trash after one use! 

Our Gardening Gifts & Gift Ideas are just what you’re looking for. We have hand-picked the most popular, thoughtful, useful, and unique gifts for gardeners—all at affordable prices. Whether your gardener loves flowers or vegetables or both, we’ve got some great options on our site right now!

Gardening Gifts & Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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How To Choose The Right Gardening Gifts for Gardeners?

Before we go into the gift ideas for gardeners, let’s talk about how to find the right gardening gifts for gardeners?

First you need to ask yourself what type of gardener they are.

Do they like flowers or vegetables, this will help you choose the best gardening gift for them. You can find out by asking them in person, but if your relationship isn’t that close, take a look at their backyard and see what’s growing!

Ask yourself how much you want to spend on their gardening gift.

How much you should spend on the gardening gift? There is no perfect answer for this question, but you may consider your relationship with them and how long you’ve known them. If they are like family, you should probably get something more personal and meaningful than if you barely know them. You also might need to get something useful and not just fun for people who might be too serious about their gardening.

You also have to think about their personality when choosing the gardening gift.

If you know everything about your gardener, great! But most of us aren’t so lucky so you might need to do some research on what type of gifts they like. That’s where this site comes in; we’ve done the legwork for you and found all the best gardening gifts on the internet!

We Have The Best Gardening Gifts & Gift Ideas for Gardeners Here:

We’ve done all the work for you and now you can find the perfect gardening gift in five minutes or less! We hope the below gift ideas for gardeners will give your loved one a thoughtful, useful, and unique gift that they will actually love.

Useful Gardening Tools: Gifts For Gardeners Who Want To Make Their Gardening Works Easier

They say that gardening is a great way to get in some exercise, but some gardeners spend hours cooped up inside looking at their plants growing. If you know a gardener like this and want to help them out, getting them the right gardening tool can make their lives easier and it will make a wonderful gift.

Modern 8 Piece Gardening Bag and Tool Set


To make gardening even more stylish and organized.

This modern 8 piece gardening bag and toolset is a simple yet really stylish accessory that’s perfect as one of the best gift ideas for gardeners. It’s got everything your gardener friend might need, which makes their work much more comfortable, plus your gardener will always find their tools fast because they’ll be all together!

Garden Kneeler and Seat


To make gardening less tiring for your gardener friend.

This upgraded garden kneeler and seat with thickening & wide soft kneeling pad is a really thoughtful gardening gift idea for any gardener because it makes their work so much easier! Gardening will no longer be tiring, but a relaxing activity that they can do for hours without getting tired. Plus, your gardeners will find it really easy to use, which is a big plus!

Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame 


To make gardening easier and won’t have to worry about carrying heavy stuff around.

If you’re looking for one of the most useful gift ideas for your beloved gardeners, this garden dump cart with a steel frame and pneumatic tires is a great choice! It will make their gardening experience way more pleasant and easy because it can hold up to 600 pounds which they can use to carry around fertilizer or any heart items. Plus, it’s easy to maneuver!

Farmer Market Basket 


To carry all those vegetables and fruit from the garden to home.

Whether your gardener is a serious veggie lover or just has a little special corner in their yard where they grow some food for themselves, this farmer market basket will be a great addition to any backyard! It’s a perfect gift idea for gardeners who live self-sufficiently and love fresh vegetables and fruits.

Watering Can in Flora & Fauna Design 


To make watering the plants and flowers a little bit more stunning.

This watering can in flora & fauna design is simply amazing as one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for gardeners because it’s just so gorgeously beautiful! It will make their work much more enjoyable, especially when they see how stunning and unique this watering can actually is. Plus, it’s truly functional, with the right size and everything!

Gardening Gloves for Rose Pruning & Cacti Handling


To protect their hands while gardening.

This pair of rose pruning & cacti handling gloves is truly one of the most useful gift ideas because it will keep your garden’s hands protected! They don’t have to worry about stained or scratched hands when they’re gardening anymore, plus they can be sure that these gloves are made with only high-quality materials.

Gardening Apron with 13 Pockets 


To keep their tools in one place when gardening.

A useful gardening gift idea is this unique gardener apron with 13 pockets! Not only will it protect your gardener’s clothes, but also keep their tools in one place when they’re gardening, which takes the stress out of the process. It will make their work easier, plus they can carry more tools without worrying about them falling out of their pocket!

Umbrella Hat with Head Strap


To keep themselves and their garden protected from the sun and rain!

This umbrella hat with a head strap is a thoughtful gift idea for gardeners because it will make their gardening process way more enjoyable. They can spend as much time as they want in the garden without worrying about getting wet or sunburned which makes this one of the best gardening gift ideas.

Gardening Tech Gadget Gifts: Gifts For Gardeners Who Want To Make Their Garden Smart

Gardening can be done without any technology, but some gardeners take it to the next level. If your gardener is looking for something specific or has an idea of how to make their plants smarter, check out our techy gardening gift ideas below.

Mini Sky-Garden Rotating Flower Pot


To give a truly unique gardening gift to your gardener.

The magnetic levitation air bonsai pot is really something special, and is great for your gardener who loves to experiment with the different plant growing styles! Its rotating flower pot planter provides an amazing new way to grow the greens by creating the illusion of a floating plant above the ground, in fact, it is actually held in place by magnetism. It’s a perfect gift idea for gardeners who like to have fun and experiment with indoor gardening.

Soil pH Meter & Moisture Meter


To let them check the pH and moisture levels of their soil.

One of the most useful gardening gift ideas is this soil pH meter & moisture meter because it has a unique design and will make your gardeners’ job much easier and faster! They can check the levels of soil pH and moisture just by inserting the probes into the ground, so it’s truly one of those thoughtful gardening gift ideas that are practical! Plus, it doesn’t require batteries to work.

 Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light


To provide indoor gardening space for those who live in the apartments.

If your gardener is an apartment dweller, then the indoor garden with LED grow light will be a great gift and addition to their home. It’s WiFi and Alexa compatible, which makes it very easy to maintain. It makes a perfect gift idea for gardeners who live in the city and want to grow some herds and food indoors.

Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light


To let them control their sprinkler system from anywhere with an app.

If your friends hate watering their plants, then you should get the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller! This amazing and unique option will allow them to control their sprinkler system from anywhere and right from an app on their phone. The best part is that it learns from itself by taking weather forecasts into account, so your gardener won’t have to worry about watering their plants too much or too little (which could damage the plants).

Multifunctional Self Watering Planters with Table Lam


To beautify their living space and grow some greens indoor.

The multifunctional self-watering planters are a great addition to any household! It can be used as a planter for succulents, mini cacti, herbs and etc., but it also doubles as a desk clock, small humidifier, and grow lamp for the indoor plants. It makes a perfect gift idea for gardeners who live in the city and don’t have that many options to get some greens at home.

Beauty and RelaxationGardening Gifts: Gifts For Gardeners Who Love Gardening More Than They Love Being Pretty and Relax

Some gardeners are so serious about their flowers that they don’t care what happens to them personally. If you know a gardener like this, help them out with some beauty and relaxation gifts below!

Organic Sun Care Pack


To prevent sunburns and also protect your gardener’s skin.

Nobody wants to get burned while gardening, so why not give them some of the best sunscreen available on the market? The MANDA organic sun care pack helps protect your beloved gardener against the harmful rays of the sun. It’s got SPF 50 rating and is made from all-natural and organic ingredients.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream


To keep their hands soft and hydrated when gardening.

We all know how hard it is to get the chance to properly moisturize your hands after spending too much time working in the garden. It’s why this Jurlique hand cream for dry hands trio with lavender, rose & citrus would be perfect gift ideas for the gardener who has eczema and other dry skin problems.

Luxury Aromatherapy Home Spa Set with Calming Mint Fragrance


To give them a little home spa moment after they finished all the gardening work for the day.

If your gardener likes to take care of their body as much as they take care of their garden, then this aromatherapy home spa set with calming mint fragrance will be the perfect gift idea! It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of hard work in the garden.

Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager


To help them relax after a long, exhausting gardening work.

Neck and back pain is one of the worst, especially when you’re working in the garden. This shiatsu neck & back massager will help them rejuvenate after a hard day at work and it has an adjustable high-performance heating system. This means it will help them relax and recharge much faster than usual!

Garden Decor: Gifts For Gardeners Who Want To Make Their Garden More Beautiful

Some gardeners like to keep their gardens very plain and simple, but some go all out when it comes to decorating. If your gardener is the type who loves to make their garden beautiful, check out our great gift ideas for this group of gardeners.

Garden Solar Lights Pathway


To make their garden look beautiful and unique at night.

If you want to make your friend’s garden even more attractive, then this set of solar lights is a perfect gardening gift idea because it will definitely enhance the beauty and attractiveness of their plants! Plus, these lights charge during the day and turn on automatically at night, so it’s truly one of those gardening gift ideas that are unique and practical!

Fairy Garden Planter Pot


To decorate their garden and also provide an area for the greens to grow.

If your gardener has a fairy garden already, then this planter pot will be priceless addition! Its stunning design can turn any patch of bare soil into a beautiful fairy garden. It makes a great gift idea for gardeners who love creating nature magic in their garden.

Resin Gnome Figurine Holding Welcome Sign


To provide a cutesy and friendly atmosphere in their garden for all visitors.

If your gardener loves to host guests or just wants to have the cutest garden out there, then this gnome holding sign will perfectly suit them! It makes a great gift for gardeners who is kind-hearted and likes to be welcoming with all the visitors.

Wine Bottle Planter Box with Stand for Succulent


For the gardener who likes to grow plants in an unusual way.

Remember how you used to make small planter boxes out of old wine bottles? Well, now it’s time for your gardener to do the same with this stunning wine bottle planter box! These make great gift ideas for gardeners who are wine lovers and like to create unique garden decorations.

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Watering Can Metal Wind Chime


To make their garden look even more beautiful.

The watering can metal wind chime is a stunning decor piece that’s also great for making the garden look even more beautiful. It will amaze their neighbors and friends, but of course, it will be all worth it because you’ll keep your gardener happy! It perfectly fits any gardening theme and makes perfect gift ideas for gardeners who have everything.

Angel of The Garden Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure


To bring a little bit of elegance into their garden.

This angel made out of resin is truly one of the most unique and thoughtful gift ideas for gardeners because it’ll add an elegant element to their garden! It’s just so gorgeously beautiful, but also very respectful, which makes it a perfect gift idea for dedicated gardeners. Plus, this statue is handmade, so you can be sure it’s truly special.

Terra Cotta Colored Ceramic Plant Pot


To make gardening a little bit more visually stunning.

One of the most beautiful and thoughtful gift ideas for gardeners is this luminaire terracotta planter! Not only will it bring a classic modernist design into their garden, but also make it look even more amazing! Plus, you can choose from five different colors, so your choice depends on your loved one’s preferences.

Gardening Clothes: Gifts For Gardeners Who Love To Look Their Best While Gardening

All gardeners are different when it comes to how they dress while working in the yard. Some prefer full-on work clothes or even suits, but others want to look more casual! If you know a gardener who loves looking their best while gardening, check out some of these great gift ideas for them below!

Funny Garden Gardener Shirts – I’ll Be In My Office


To give them a good laugh and brighten up their day.

It’s hard to find a good laugh, especially during some busy work in the garden. That’s why this funny gardening t-shirt that says “I’ll be in my office” is a perfect gift idea for your gardener! It’s also super affordable, which makes it a budget-friendly gift for gardeners.

Waterproof Garden Shoes


To protect their feet from all the dirt and mud in the garden.

Sometimes going barefoot can be a nightmare, especially if they’re always working in the garden! If you’re looking for one of those gardening gift ideas that are both practical and thoughtful, then these waterproof garden shoes will certainly fit the description! They’ll love how well-made and comfortable these shoes are, plus they’ll be able to stay clean and undamaged wearing them.

Plant Lady Hat


A stylish hat which can wear during gardening work or even during fancy outdoor parties.

This plant lady women’s hat is a perfect gift idea for gardeners who are also into fashion! It’s stylish, but can be worn during gardening too, which makes it a great multitasking accessory. This will brighten up your gardener’s day and make them feel extra special.

Unisex Sun Hat


To keep their head cool when gardening.

When it’s up to 34 degrees Celsius outside, you’ll need a good hat to protect yourself from the sun. This plant lady mesh hat will do just fine! It’s perfect for both men and women who like to garden in the summertime. But, it also makes a good gift idea even if your gardener likes to garden all year long.

Garden Tools Socks for Women


To make them smile every time they wear the socks.

Socks are always great gift ideas for gardeners! It’s why these funny garden tools socks are perfect for your gardener girlfriend, mother, wife, or friend. The best thing is it will keep their feet nice and cozy, but also make them look cute! It fits every gardener’s style, making it a really great gardening gift idea.

Other Unique Gardening Gift: Gifts For Gardeners Who have everything

Okay, so you have a gardener that has everything! How do you find a gift for someone who is an expert at the subject and probably has most of the unique gardening gifts out there? That can be tricky, but there are still some great options on this site for them. Check out the below ideas and see if they haven’t got one of these gifts yet!

The Chef’s Garden: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables


To learn about some new vegetables and also get a chance to try them out during the cooking process.

A gardener is always in need of a good book about vegetables! It’s why this chef’s garden: a modern guide to common and unusual vegetables–with recipes would be the best gardening gift idea for your gardener friend. It will help them find out more about different kinds of vegetables, but also teach her how to cook them!

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128 oz Water Bottle with Straw


To keep your gardener hydrated during those long hot days of summer.

The 128 oz water bottle is perfect if your gardener likes to keep hydrated during those hot summers, and also has a straw for easy access to drinking! It makes great gift ideas for gardeners who don’t have time to stop working and go get a drink.

All I Need is Plants Coffee Cup & Keychain


To give them some motivation to keep up their spirits while gardening!

If you’re looking for some fun gift ideas for gardeners, then this coffee cup & keychain set is perfect! Your friends will be really happy to get it because not only does it feature a cute print, but also an inspiring message. It’s truly one of the most unique and thoughtful gardening gift ideas!

Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Heart Pendant Necklace


To give them a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry.

If you want to give your friends something both beautiful and meaningful, then this sterling silver pressed flower heart pendant necklace is a perfect choice! It features the pressed flowers from the garden, so it’s truly one of those gardening gift ideas they will love and appreciate every day!

All Natural Coconut & Beeswax Candle


To give them a nice and relaxing ambiance to enjoy at the end of a hard day.

These candles that are made with only high-quality natural materials will make your gardeners’ experience much more pleasant and comfortable! They will be able to relax after the hard gardening work, plus enjoy the beautiful scent of these candles. It’s one of those gift ideas for gardeners who truly value comfort and relaxation after a hard day’s work!


We hope you enjoyed our article on gardening gifts for gardeners. It was written with the intention to help you find the best gift ideas for gardeners. We are always adding new ideas to our inventory, so keep an eye on us! Or if you have some great gardening gifts, please leave a comment below so we can add your gift to our site!

Thank you once more for reading this far! We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect Gardening Gifts & Gift Ideas for Gardeners!

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