Gifts For Train Enthusiasts and Lovers (Welcome To The World Of Trains!)

No matter you’re searching for Gifts For Train Enthusiasts and Lovers, or train gifts for adults, you’re at the right place. Our ultimate train gift ideas below contain all of the thoughtful, favorite, fun, and unique train presents for anyone who loves the train. From Detailed Train Mode, Awesome Trains Railroad Clock, Funny Train T-Shirt, Personalized Train Monogram Keychain, Cool Steam Train Crossing Sign, and some more cool and unique gifts, we’ve some delighted gift ideas for your favorite train enthusiasts.

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Gifts For Train Enthusiasts and Lovers

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Gifts For Train Lovers – What You Need To Know

Train presents don’t always have to be practical and functional in nature. You can give people (lovers) train gifts that are whimsical, nostalgic, humorous, or even just plain weird! It all depends on the person you’re buying for.

Why do people collect train stuff?

There are many reasons why people love to train collectibles. Some examples include:

  • Trains can be very nostalgic for some people, taking them back to their childhood days of playing with toy trains on model railroads. Some
  • train items can be used to decorate a home or business in a way that is unique and eye-catching, standing out from other forms of décor. Some people just love the look, sound, and feel of trains, whether real or model. Tr
  • Trains are also a form of artistic expression for some people, using them as the inspiration for drawings, paintings, photographs, or sculptures.
  • Train enthusiasts might also enjoy getting train-themed gifts because these items can help them connect with other people who share their passion for all things trains.

How to choose the right train gifts for train lovers?

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a gift for someone who loves trains. Some of the most important include:

  • Who is the person?
    • Is this someone who normally likes playful, cute, or whimsical gifts? Or do they prefer more practical items with a purpose behind them? Or do they enjoy collecting things that are both functional and fun?
  • What is the occasion?
    • Are you giving a train-themed gift to someone on their birthday or at Christmas time? Or do you just want to give them something because they seem like the kind of person who would get a kick out of your idea for a present?
  • What kind of train do they like?
    • For example, some people might be huge fans of steam trains. Others may be more interested in modern day diesel or electric locomotives.
  • What train-themed products do they already have?
    • Don’t go out and buy someone the same model train set if they have one already. However, there are people who just love trains so much that they don’t care if they already have something. If your gift idea is perfect for the person you’re buying for, chances are good that they already own the similar one. Make sure that you’re not just buying them a duplicate of something they already have.
  • What budget do you have to work with?
    • This is especially important for train-themed gifts since train stuff can be rather expensive. If you want to buy someone a model train set, you need to have the money to invest in this type of present.

Train enthusiasts might not be the easiest people to shop for, but with some effort and imagination, you can find just the right train-related gift. For example, you could purchase a model train layout that is themed around their favorite places or memories. In the below section, we’ve got some cool and unique train present ideas for you to choose from.

Our Favorite Gifts For Train Enthusiasts and Lovers – Train Gifts Ideas for Adults 

Hogwarts Express Diecast Train Model

Hogwarts Express Die cast Train Model

Check price here:Amazon

Hogwarts Express is waiting for you on Track 9 3/4! No matter the person you need a gift for is a train enthusiast or a fan of Harry Potter, this is truly a must-have! With intricate details and a 1:50 scale, it not just makes a great gift for train lovers, it is a great conversation piece too.

Gifts For Train Lover – Steam Trains Wall Art Painting

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

If you’re looking for cool gifts for train enthusiasts, it’s a perfect choice. This Train Wall Art prints on the premium artist canvas and is already stretched with a wooden bar on the back. A perfect wall decor gift for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, or other spaces of the home.

LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

What to get someone who loves trains? Presenting one of the most ultimate stocking trains-themed gifts – LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train. This classically styled train Lego set features a steam locomotive with a furnace and loads of amazing details with authentic touches.

Personalized Train Monogram Keychain

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

Personalize this novelty train key ring and box with a monogram to make it one of the best unique train gifts for that train enthusiast in your life. This polished stainless steel keychain comes with a natural wooden gift box perfect for gift giving.

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Trains Display Case  

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

Such a perfect way to show and organize all your favorite train collections. This beautifully constructed Trains Display Case Wall Cabinet is made with wood and kid-safe acrylic color.

Train Steampunk Decor Wall Clock

train gift 2 1 1

Check price here: Amazon

There’s no question about timely arrival with this accent Train Steampunk Decor Wall Clock. This handsome piece with sharp Roman numerals and quartz movement makes a unique train gift for adults.

Cuff-Daddy Black Locomotive Train Cufflinks

Train gifts 3 1

Check price here: Amazon

A classic accessory for the well-dressed train lover, these functional cufflinks are easy to pair with any outfit. They make great train gifts and accessories for a special occasion, as well as a nice touch that adds a little flair to an everyday wardrobe.

Music Lighted Train Snow Globe

Train gifts 4 1

Check price here: Amazon

This unique train snow globe plays music and lights up to the tune of “Jingle Bells”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, and more – making it a perfect decoration for Christmas. It’s the perfect train gift reminding them of magical winter memories.

Antique Mechanical Train Railroad Pocket Watch

Train gifts 5 1

Check price here: Amazon

This pocket watch is the perfect train gift for any railroad enthusiast, featuring a vintage steam train design on the face of the watch. It makes a great accessory to wear in public or use at home – it’s also quite practical with its roman numerals designs.

The Great Railroad Revolution: The History of Trains in America

The History of Trains in America

Check price here: Amazon

Looking for train gifts for dad? Then It will be the perfect one. A great book for any train enthusiast to learn about the comprehensive and compulsive history of rail travel in America. This book will tell them how the American railroad influenced and directed the growth of the country for more than a century.

MasterPieces NY Jets Nfl Team Trains

MasterPieces NY Jets Nfl Team Trains

Check price here: Amazon

If the special ones you need a gift for love both trains and NY Jets, and chances are you give them this MasterPieces NY Jets Nfl Team Trains, which features a wooden toy train with their favorite football team colors and logo!

NameTrain (7 letters) – Made in USA


Check price here: Amazon

Looking for personalized train gifts? This NameTrain is exactly what you need to buy. It is super cool because you can customize it with the name of the person you’re gifting it to. It all connects with simple, safe magnets. And best of all, all colors, inks, and finishes are non-toxic.

Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set

Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready to Run HO Scale Train Set 1

Check price here: Amazon

Not sure what to get the train lovers on your gift list? Give them this Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set and you can’t go wrong. Here’s why it’s a sure bet: the wheels rumble like the pounding of hooves as this iron horse rounds the bend.

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Trains & Signs Travel Mug

Mugzie Trains Signs Travel Mug

Check price here: Amazon

Looking for train gifts for dad? Gifting train-themed accessories for your dad may be even more rewarding. This 16 Oz Mugzie Trains & Signs Stainless Steel Travel Mug will definitely be a big hit.

Black and Red Steam Train Cardboard Standup

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

This beautiful Black and Red Train Cardboard Standup – with Dimensions: 68″W x 49″H – really wow your loved train enthusiast. With the coolest graphics and its life-size, it will be a special gift that they will remember for years!

Pewter Train Money Bank

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

Let’s save up for your favorite train set to your yard with this Pewter Train Money Bank. It features an antique-style pewter finish and is made of non-tarnishing material. Adorable and Affordable.

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Ticket To Ride Board Game

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts

Check price here: Amazon

Let’s game and see who can travel by rail to most cities! Ticket To Ride Board Game is one of the most popular specialty games inspired by Phileas Fogg’s impetuous and lucrative gamble -“Around the World in 80 Days“. Anyone who loves the train will love to play this train game too.

Train Gifts for Adult: Steam Train Crossing Sign

Steam Train Crossing Sign

Check price here: Amazon

Transform your empty walls with a Steam Train Crossing Aluminum Sign. One of the best steam train gifts merchandise to make any train-themed room come alive. Screen Printed 12″ X 12″ Caution Yellow Aluminum and one hole drilled.

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Train Mug

Steam Powered Porcelain Mug

Check price here: Amazon

If you aren’t sure what to buy for your friends who love model trains, then choose this great train mug. They can use it to drink their favorite coffee, and it guarantees they never run out of steam during a busy day.

Funny Dad Jokes Train Graphic Tees

Train gifts 6 1

Check price here: Amazon

Here are some amazing jokes about trains! This is the perfect train-themed gift for any train lover with a sense of humor who loves getting out on the tracks or just hanging out at home and watching trains roll by.

Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Trains Magzine

Trains magzine

Check price here: Amazon

If you’re looking for the newest gift for the train lover in your life, here you found it. Trains magazine highlights the most updated and greatest news happening in the railroading industry. The price is for a 1-year subscription.

Train Gifts for Adult: Travel Pillow

train gift 1 1 1

Check price here: Amazon

Gift something can use on a train! With this travel pillow, a bad neck will not be a problem when trying to sleep on trains. If they are frequent travelers, here is the list for some more gift ideas! 

FAQs About Gifts For Train Lovers

Train gifts for train lovers

Q: What is the best train gifts for dad?

A: If your dad loves trains, he would definitely appreciate receiving an awesome train present for his birthday or Christmas. You can get anything from model trains, cufflinks with train themes, stopwatch faces with cool-looking railroad designs, and even funny train-themed T-shirts.

Q: What do I need to know about buying model trains gifts?

A: There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for a set of model railroads, including size and scale (how big or small the models will be), price, where it is made (more expensive sets tend to be made in Europe), and the age range it is designed for.

Q: What should I buy if I don’t know what to get my friend who loves trains?

A: If you aren’t sure what your train-loving friend would like, just ask! Ask around to find out if they have a particular model in mind, or if they would prefer something else. You can also buy them some home decor which is related to trains.

Q: I have a friend who is obsessed with model trains, what should I get them?

A: If you have a friend who really loves model trains, you should buy them something related to that hobby. You can find all sorts of things, from books about how to take care of your track and train layout to ornament figurines depicting different kinds of locomotives.

Q: What train gifts is perfect for Christmas?

A: If you want to give a train-related present at Christmas time, you could buy something like a snow globe which features trains. Or you could buy your loved one some realistic-looking train track; this can be set up next to the Christmas tree or fireplace for added festive appeal.

Train gifts for train lovers pin 1 3 1 1

To Wrap Up

Trains are an enigmatic form of transportation, which is likely why so many people find them fascinating. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone who loves model trains, watching locomotives roll by, or creating sculptures based on train designs, we hope we’ve given you some great ideas and inspiration so that you can give your loved one a memorable gift they will cherish forever!

Did we miss any of your favorite trains gifts? Did this post has inspired you to explore some other cool train gift ideas? let us know in the comment box below and share this post if you love it too!

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    1. Great that you like our picks, thank you~

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    1.  Thank you for visiting our site. Hope our son will love the Hogwarts express too, thank you

  7. My son used to love trains. The train table is an awesome idea for the younger train lovers. The underground feature for the table is great. This crosses gender lines too, because I’ve seen plenty girls playing with train sets such as these. We still have our set and plan to keep for the grandkids some day.

    1. Thank you for visiting our site, We’re glad to know you like the train table. It’s an awesome gift for younger train lovers for hours of fun.

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  13. WOW I found that post so cool to read through. I love that you have thought to include train related gifts for both genders and for babies children and adults. The pictures kept me interested right to the end. You included something for everyone from cookie cutters to toys , t-shirts, lego, coffee cups. This is also great because it expands in price range too. Great job!

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