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18 Best Gifts For Beer Lovers

Last Updated on April 16, 2020 by HAHAPPY

Find the Best Gifts For Beer Lovers at HahappyGiftIdeas.com. Below, we’ve crafted an ultimate list of beer gifts that will make any beer drinker smile.

Best Gifts For Beer Lovers

18 Best Gifts and Gadgets For Beer Lovers:


Budweiser Grilling Gift Basket

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Searching for beer gift basket ideas? Then look no further. This Budweiser grilling gift basket is the ideal gift for the Bud fanatics on your gift list.


How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

If the homebrewer in your life were to have only one brewing book, it would have to be How to Brew Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time by John Palmer. It is sure to be one of the best gifts for beer brewers.


Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Looking for amazing gifts for beer snobs? You can’t go wrong with this Fizzics System – the world’s first portable Draft Beer Machine. Enjoy the freshness from the tap taste, anywhere, anytime.


Comfort Cotton Socks Gift Set

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Every beer drinkers will love these funny beer gifts. These awesome beer socks will keep their feet in a good place and stay warm while enjoying their favorite beers!


Bud Light Soft Cooler Bag with Built-in Bluetooth Speakers

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

This Bud Light soft cooler is super cool because it has two built-in Bluetooth speakers. Perfect gadget to keep your beverage cool while you listen to your favorite music at the beach, lake, or park.


USA Beer Cap Map – Over 3 feet across – Holds 177 Caps

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

This USA Beer Cap Map turns your wall into a conversation starter. It provides a perfect place for your craft beer bottle cap collection. Let’s try more amazing beers to fill up the map!


The Complete Beer Course

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Boot camp for any beer lovers! From beer novice to intrepid beer expert in twelve tasting classes. Entertaining and incredibly informative.


Budweiser Kurt Adler 10-Light Can Light Set

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Great gift for Budweiser Fans! This 10-Light Budweiser can light set a fun way to brighten up your beer lover’s life!


Norse Tradesman Genuine Viking Drinking Horn Mug  

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Drinking like a true Viking with this Norse Tradesman Genuine Viking Drinking Horn Mug! This is not only a drink mug, but it is also truly a unique art piece of Viking lore. 


The American Craft Beer Cookbook

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

John Holl, the award-winning beer journalist, captures the best of the brewpub and brewery menus in this amazing book – The American Craft Beer Cookbook. With this great cookbook, the foods you eat will be just as delicious as your favorite beer. Perfect for any beer lover who loves to cook.



(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Get the party started! DRINK-A-PALOOZA® is a fun party game to your best gift ideas for beer lovers. Whether you prefer Budweiser, Guinness, or home crafted beer, you will love playing this easy drinking game!


Beer Chiller By Chiller Industries – 2 Pack

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

With the Chiller Industries’ Beer Chiller, your favorite Beer keeps Cold for LONGER, no matter how warm outside!! It features a special non-toxic ice crystal that keeps the beer cold and extends the chill. Easy to use, Effective, and BPA Free!


Bottle Opener Magnetic Cap Catcher

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

A handcrafted magnetic wall opener that can be personalized with a beer drinker’s name. This beautifully custom bottle opener makes a special gift for the beer lover in your life.


Holstar Genuine Leather Beer Holster with Belt Loop

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

This rugged yet stylish Beer Holster is an absolute must-have for all real beer men. It holds their favorite beverage to allow their hands for any activity or for much more important tasks, like throwing a baseball or managing the meat on the grill.


Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

These funny beer helmets hold two cans of beer and allow you to drink your favorite beer without hands! The perfect accessory for a house party, the beach, or just watching TV at home!


Personalized Beer Thirty Garage Clock  

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

It’s time to get a chilled beer and relax! These Personalized Beer Thirty Garage Clock make a great decor gift for any beer lover.


Moscow Mule Copper Mugs set  + BONUS Bottle Opener

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

Get ready to enjoy your favorite beer with the best quality Moscow Mule copper mugs. This copper mugs set help to keep the drink cold and tasting good. What’s more, it comes with a bonus bottle opener, perfect gift set for any beer lover.


Sgt. Pryer Green Army Man Bottle Opener

(Check and Buy Here: Amazon.com)

ATTENTION!!! And grab a beer! Sgt. Pryer Army Man Bottle Opener is a super cool and fun.

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  1. Hi!

    These gifts are just what I needed for my buddy’s next birthday!

    He loves beer and he will freak out with the bud light soft cooler bag with speakers! 😉

    And the USA beer cap map is awesome! I might got one for me!

    Thanks for the ideas. I didn’t know some of these original things existed!


  2. This is definitely the place to be for the beer connoisseur… I however don’t drink a lot of beer but I just gotta have the Sgt. Pryer Green Army Man Bottle Opener. The Hydro Flask is also somewhat intriguing. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there,

    Wow, what a nice list!
    A good friend of mine is turning 35 years old soon and oh boy he loves beers!
    I didn’t know what present to buy for his birthday, so this article came just in time! I really love the cooler, and I am sure he will like it as well because he often goes to the beach:) It will keep all its beers cold! Is the cooler comes in other colors?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

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