33 Top Gifts for 20 Something Guys (The Coolest Stuffs For Him!)

If a guy needs a gift for being in his 20s, look no further because we have rounded up all the Best Gifts for 20 Something Guys —  From tech gear to clothes, accessories, fun stuff, books, and much more. Be it your son, brother, nephew, boyfriend, husband, or any guy being in his 20s would really like our cool, useful, thoughtful gifts for 20-year-old males – for any style, interest, or budget.

Gifts for 20 Something Guys
Gifts for 20-Year-Old Male

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What You Need To Know About Buying The Right Gifts for 20 Year Old Male?

Before we go into our gift list, it’s important to consider some perspectives before buying gifts for a 20-year-old male. What are the most common interests for a 20-year-old guy? He probably has a limited budget, he likes to do things alone or maybe with friends, but most of all he is not that hard to please.

  • Firstly, a 20-year-old male is not a kid anymore and most guys try to “grow up” (get a job/ live alone/ take care of themselves) so they don’t like receiving useless things. He is looking for something that can be used not just for fun but also as a tool to improve his everyday life, so the list of gifts you’ll find below is mostly related to practical and useful items (or experiences) like watches, grooming products, tech gadgets, etc.
  • Secondly, at this age, he probably doesn’t care about expensive clothes or big accessories. He likes simple designs and often goes for comfort overlooks, and this makes this age group perfect for buying clothes as a gift. So if there’s something you can give him that helps improve his looks, it will have a better chance to be appreciated.
  • Finally, he is likely to be interested in learning things that are related to his future profession. For example – books about photography, software development, or robotics will be well appreciated.

Select the Right Gifts for 20-Year-Old Male NOW!

Looking for the perfect gift for a 20-year-old guy is hard. You can’t just buy him another bottle of cologne or video game, he’s already got one! 

We have everything you need to find the perfect gifts for your 20-year-old boyfriend, son, brother, nephew, or best friend. Whether it’s something fun like a drone that they’ve always wanted or hard-to-find gadgets that they need, we’ve got it. Our curated list of cool and unique presents are for all types of 20-year-old males, and will make shopping easy this holiday season!

The Best Gifts for 20-Year-Old Male: TOP 5 Selections

We know you are busy with the approaching holidays, therefore we have picked the TOP 5 gift ideas for 20-year-old males to save your time. These ideas are fit for any age and purpose. There’s something to keep your 20-year-old busy, happy, and stylish!

Shave Beard Care Pack

image 4

To help your 20 something guy keep clean and looking good.

Looking for gift ideas for a 20-year-old man? You’ve found the one. Awesome Beard Care Pack for guys to keep their beard life comfortable. This Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack includes Beard Wash, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Brush with Bamboo Handle. A MUST for ALL MEN!!

DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly

image 6

For 20 something guys who are into aerial photography.

The drone is becoming a more and more popular gift for 20-year-old males. They love to shoot footage of their sports activities, or just have fun flying their drones.

The DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo is an amazing bundle that comes with the latest drone technology and all the accessories you’ll need to get started! This gives him everything needed to capture high-quality photos and videos right out of the box.

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 19 1

To give him a stylish and comfy sweatshirt he can wear anywhere.

Champion makes some of the best gifts for 20-year-old males and this pullover is one of them! It’s super soft and it will keep your twenty-something guy warm when the temperature drops.

He’ll love wearing this around the house or out with his friends, but it’s also great for traveling! He can wear it with jeans or sweatpants and he will look stylish anywhere he goes.

Sunrise Alarm Clock Work with Alexa

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male17 1

To give him a peaceful night’s sleep.

This sunrise alarm clock is such an awesome gift for 20-year-old males! It will help your 20-something get better and deeper sleep at night, giving him the energy to take on his day.

It’s very easy to use, he can even control it through his app with his phone! Its light therapy lamp encourages natural sleep patterns, and it’s also a great addition to his room! And its Bluetooth speakers make for an amazing night light.

925 Sterling Silver Genuine Leather Bracelet

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 28

To give him a stylish accessory that he can wear with just about anything.

This cool leather bracelet is the perfect gift for any 20 something guy because it will fit in with just about anything he chooses to wear! It’s got a mixture of genuine leather and sterling silver, so it goes well with everything from business casual clothes to jeans and t-shirts. He’ll love wearing it to work, on a date, or just hanging out with friends!

Hands-On Tech Gifts for 20-Year-Old Male

Now that he is in his twenties, you can expect him to be pretty sophisticated and tech-savvy. Every 20 something guy is sure to appreciate these cool tech gifts and gadgets.

Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

image 7

To bring a whole new world of fun and adventure into his life.

This virtual reality headset is a great gift for 20-year-old guys who love gaming! It’s super easy to set up and use, plus he can explore new worlds, get the best seat to his favorite concerts, and more, all right from his living room! He’ll also be able to immerse himself in the action as he plays his favorite games with this headset. It’s the perfect way to bring a new level of fun into his life!

FOREO LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush

image 8

To give him the gift of clear skin.

Does your 20-year old have trouble with acne or blackheads? This Foreo Luna is a perfect gift so he can take care of his face! This facial cleansing brush gently removes impurities, oil, and makeup residue for smooth, hydrated skin.

The silicone touch-points are hypoallergenic and gentle enough even for sensitive skin! Plus it’s way more effective than manual cleansing with your fingers.

Fitbit Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 01 1

To ensure he stays active and tracks his activities

Need a gift for a 20-year-old male who loves fitness and health? If the guy you need a gift for is obsessed with sports and gadgets, then this new Fitbit Alta HR is exactly what you need to give him.

It comes with all the bells and whistles including GPS, optical heart rate monitor, and more. All the features of this fitness watch let him achieve his health goals in style. Seamless, Smart, and Fit. 

HidrateSpark STEEL Smart Water Bottle

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 26 1

To track his water intake and help him drink more.

This Smart Water Bottle is a great gift for 20-year-old males who are always on the go! The bottle’s sensors know when he has taken a sip of water so it can automatically track how much he drinks during the day. It connects to his phone via Bluetooth allows, him to set water intake goals and get notifications when he needs to drink more. He’ll love having a way to monitor his water intake without even thinking about it!

3 in 1 Charging Station for Apple

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male13 1

To give him a place for all his daily gadgets.

This Apple 3 in 1 Charging Station does it all! Designed as a stand, it will fit his iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch so he can easily include them in the sleek design. Even with all those devices plugged in, this charging station will keep the cords hidden and organized thanks to its unique snake cable management.

You won’t believe how this station keeps all its gadgets perfectly organized! The best gifts for a 20-year-old male who loves tech.

Bluetooth Beanie Wireless Hat with Scarf Set

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 21 1

To give him a warm hat he can also listen to his favorite music through.

This beanie is the perfect gift for 20 something guys because it will keep his head and ears warm, plus he can listen to his favorite music wirelessly! It has super high-quality speakers that are placed inside the hat so you won’t have to deal with any annoying earbuds.

He will love wearing this hat out on the ski slopes, or during that next outdoor adventure. It’s the best gift for 20-year-old males who love to listen to music, especially outside in cold weather!

Stylish Gifts for 20-Year-Old Male: Fashion & Accessories Gift Ideas

What can be better than gifting him something he’ll likely wear all the time? A stylish young man will love these gifts for 20-year-olds. With so many options, you are sure to find something that fits his style and personality.

Diesel Men’s Stainless Steel Necklace

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 29 1

To give him a way to express his style and add a little style to his look.

These dog tags necklace from Diesel can be worn to add a little edge to any outfit, or he can wear them just because they look awesome! It’s made from stainless steel so it will stand up to quite a beating while still looking great!

They also come in several different options and won’t break the bank either. A great gift for 20-year-old guys who want a way to add some subtle style into their wardrobe! He’s going to love it!

Double Down Leather Belt

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 08 1

To give him a stylish piece of leather.

A men’s belt is the perfect way to upgrade his look and give him that refined appearance that every guy wants. This Double Down Leather Belt adds edge by using distressed effects, yet still looks incredibly classy!

The front metal bar buckle allows for easy adjustment so he can find the right fit to match any kind of outfit. Its leather material makes it a durable and long-lasting accessory that he will be able to wear for years!

NIXON Water Resistant Men’s Digital Sport Watch

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 32 1

To give him a stylish watch that is also functional and practical.

Nixon makes some awesome watches, and this one is the perfect gift for 20-year-old guys because it’s stylish as well as functional! It features the time, date, stopwatch functions so he can use it to keep track of time while doing sports or just hanging out with friends. Nixon watches are durable and built to last, so this is a gift that will be stylish and practical for years!

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Gifts for 20 Something Guys

for any guy who needs more of that “cool” factor.

Almost all 20-year old guys love cool sunglasses to look even cooler than they already do! These aviator Sunglasses by Ray-Ban are stylish and timeless, not to mention sturdy and practical. The polarized lenses ensure the best comfort while also blocking harmful UV rays for his eyes’ protection!

It comes available in several colors: black, brown, grey, gold, and silver to fit anyone’s personal style.

Gamer Mode On” T-Shirt

Gifts for 20 Something Guys

To show the world his favorite hobby.

Difficult to find cool gifts for men who have everything? You can’t go wrong with this funny yet comfortable t-shirt.

It is a great gift for gamers of all ages who are always on their computers or consoles. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in three colors: black, grey, and white with many sizes available to fit anyone’s physique. Now he can proudly display his passion for gaming and show everyone what he has been up to all day!

O’Neill Men’s Hyperfreak Boardshort

Gifts for 20 Something Guys

To express his love for water sports.

If your son, brother, boyfriend, or your best friend is a beach guy, he’ll totally like this Hyperfreak Blissful Thinking Scallop Boardshort

These boardshorts are what every dude wants to be wearing on the beach this summer. Made of resistant fabric they’re not only comfortable but functional as well. The Hyperfreak material allows him to move freely without friction, so he can stay active all day.

Nike Men’s Air Max Camden Slide Sandal

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male12 1

To give his feet comfort when he’s on the go.

All guys love slip-ons because they offer them that cool and casual look without having to work for it! This pair of Nike slides add edge because of its black and white colorway, but still, looks hip and trendy.

Your 20-year-old male will be able to wear this sandal with almost anything and its breathable upper will keep his feet cool during hot summer days.

Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 06 1

To give him a new bag for all his stuff.

Whether the 20 something guy on your gift list is a college student, office staff, businessman, or outdoor gentleman, he needs a Messenger Bag to carry his laptop or tablet.

This cool-looking bag can be worn as a messenger bag or a backpack and comes with adjustable straps for ultimate comfort. The inside has plenty of space to hold whatever your 20-year-old male needs. He will love being able to carry it with him wherever he goes!

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Happy Socks Men’s Assorted Colorful 4 Pair Crew Dress Socks

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 25 1

To give him a stylish way to spruce up his wardrobe.

He’s going to love these fun, colorful socks as a gift! He can wear them out on the town with friends or even at work if he wants to spice things up a little bit. They come in several different colors and designs so he’ll have plenty of options available for whatever he wants to wear. These are the perfect socks for 20-year-old guys who like to look sharp while staying comfortable!

Practical Gifts for 20-Year-Old Male: Useful & Every Day Tools

A practical gift will always be appreciated, but it’s even better when it is something they’ll actually use or need! Whether you’re shopping for a young man who loves music or a guy who travels a lot, we have great gift ideas for 20-year-old males that he is sure to love.

O’Neill Men’s Hyperfreak Boardshort

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 04 1

To give him a little extra utility.

Looking for a gift for 20-year-old guys who are rough and adventurous? If you’re looking for a practical gift that will be used by your loved one on his next hiking or camping trip, then this Swiss army multi-tool is a perfect choice!

It’s extremely lightweight and compact while still having all the tools he needs to get things done. This multi-tool is incredibly useful in every situation, whether it’s camping or car repairs!

Sony Wireless Portable Speaker

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 05 1

To give him a little extra music wherever he goes.

Does your 20-year-old love to listen to music? If so, this wireless portable speaker is the perfect gift! This waterproof and super loud Bluetooth speaker has no problem filling up the room with quality sound.

The built-in call feature takes it one step further and allows him to answer phone calls hands-free by using the speaker mic. He’ll be able to chat with his friends without having to try and hold onto his phone while he is out playing beach volleyball or at a bonfire party!

Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallets

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male16 1

To give him a sleek and secure wallet that will hold up to a decade.

This slim aluminum wallet is the perfect gift for 20-year-olds males because it’s both cool and highly functional.

Made from high-grade aluminum, this minimalist wallet is RFID-blocking which means it will keep his personal information safe from identity thieves who use RFID scanners to steal information through his wallet. It’s the perfect front pocket wallet for those who like to travel light and it will hold up to 12 cards!

Survival Gear and Equipment 12 in 1

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male15 1

To give him the survivalist edge.

Do you know a 20 something guy who loves to go camping? This survival kit will make sure he’s equipped with everything he needs for when (or if) disaster strikes!

The military-grade paracord can be used in countless ways and this kit contains 12 useful tools that can help him survive in nature, like a compass, flint fire starter, emergency knife, and much more.

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Punching Bag with Stand

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 23 1

To give him a way to work out and relieve stress at home.

This freestanding punching bag is the perfect gift for any 20 something guy who loves working out! It’s super easy to set up, so he can get his workout in right from the comfort of his living room! Plus it will help him relieve some stress after a long day of work, studying, or whatever he’s been up to. He’ll love working out with this for years to come.

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Gifts Boxes for Adventurous Outdoorsy Guys

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 20 1

To give him a cool camping-themed gift box packed with useful outdoorsy items.

This fun manly outdoorsy gift box is perfect for the guy who loves hiking, camping, or anything outdoors! It contains all sorts of useful outdoor survival gear like an emergency knife, fire starting flint lighter, and much more. He’ll love getting this as a birthday present or even as a “just because” present. This is the only camping gift box you’ll need for your favorite 20 something guy!

Gift Ideas for 20-Year-Old Male Who Has Everything: Unique And Fun Gift Ideas

Is it hard to find gifts for a guy who already has everything? We’ve got you covered with creative and unique present ideas that he’ll love even if he thinks he doesn’t need anything.

Batman Wall Clock Compatible with Handmade Vinyl Record

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 09 1

To give your guy’s room that extra something.

Do you have a guy in your life who loves comic book heroes? This wall clock inspired by Batman and Joker is a great gift for your 20-year old comic book aficionado!

He will be able to express his love of both superheroes on his wall and get compliments from anyone who sees this wall clock because it is so different and cool looking!

LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Helmet

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 27 1

To give him a way to express his love for Iron Man.

This just looks awesome! He’ll love building it and displaying it because it’s Iron Man! It’s about 7.5” tall so it will just sit on his dresser or wherever he chooses to put it. It’s a great way to decorate his room while paying homage to Iron Man at the same time! A great gift for any 20-year-old guy who loves Lego, Marvel, and of course Iron Man!

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Collectible Levitating Football Helmet

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male10 1

To make his favorite team proud.

Hovering Helmet! This levitating football helmet is what every 20-year old sports fan dreams of having in their room.

Displayed on its magnetic stand it will look like it’s flying so he can show off his team spirit in any room of the house. This NCAA football helmet is a fun keepsake to have and is also a great piece of decor for his desk at work!

ShiZap! The Energized Stacking Block Game

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 30 1

To give a fun, interactive gift that he can do with friends and family!

This fun stacking block game is a great gift for 20-year-old guys who love to have a good time with their friends or with the whole family. It’s simple enough that it’s easy for anyone of any age to play, but it has an added element of excitement with its electric shocking blocks.

He’ll love trying to outdo his friends to see who can stack all of their blocks in the tower without it shocking them. It’s a great way for him to have some interactive fun!

Dart Board Electronic Dart Board

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 31a 1

To give him a fun way to enjoy his favorite game in the comfort of his own home!

Nothing beats playing darts with friends, and now he can do it whenever he wants at home! This dartboard features LED lights so he can keep track of his score, while the soft darts make it safe to play even while everyone else is busy. A great way to give him something exciting to do at home without compromising on safety or fun!

Marvel Comics Mens’ Vintage Avengers Comic Book Page Pajama Pants

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male14 1

To give him a warm and comfy night’s sleep.

Pajama pants are such great gifts for 20-year-old males because they can be used practically. Young guys love to lounge around the house and these comic book pajamas will give them that extra coolness factor!

These pants have an elastic waistband and drawstring closure so he doesn’t have to worry about adjusting them in the middle of the night and he can easily wear them on top of any t-shirt.

Book: Essential Manners for Men

Gifts for 20 Year Old Male 18 1

To help him with his social graces.

Do you know a twenty-ish guy who would like to be more confident? This book will help him out! The Essential Manners for Men is a great reference guide for everything from introducing another person to proper dining etiquette.

He’ll love being able to refer back to it when he’s in a sticky social situation. This book is the perfect gift for twenty-year-old boys who are on their way to becoming men!

To Wrap up: Gifts For 20 Year Old Male

So, without further ado, here are the best gifts for 20 something guys! We hope you find a perfect gift from this list. With so many great gifts to choose from, your guy is sure to be pleased with whichever one he receives! Just remember that 20-year old guys are likely in college or just getting started on their own and they want something practical as well as stylish.

However, if you have a young guy who doesn’t love any materials things, check out here for some creative ideas for him.

Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or give more information on any of these gift ideas for 20-year old guys!

And if you like our gift ideas, please don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media sites you use! Thank you!


  1. Thanks for showing me the article “17 Top Gifts for 20 Something Guys”.

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    Please kindly advise so that I can pick the right one for him. Thank you.

    1. thank you for your sharing and we’re happy to know you’ve found something nice for your boyfriend.

      If you’re looking for 10″ tablet, this is the latest version at the moment. But Amazon has launch a new 8″ tablet this year, click here for more info from amazon.

      And if your boyfriend is more into reading, then Paperwhite version will be a better choice. But if he is more into entertaining like movie, games, music, then go for the Fire Tablet.

      Hope it helps.

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    The “Gamer Mode On” T-shirt and the 4K drone which also has a big discount now are the perfect gifts for him. He’s gonna love them!! 😉

    Thanks for the ideas! Very useful, really 😉

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback! 

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