21 Funny Gag Gifts For Guys

Hey! Looking for some fun, creative, and interesting gag gifts for the man you loved? Look no further and check out our list and review of the Funny Gag Gifts For Guys. Whether he is your husband, your brother, your boyfriend, or even your boss, we’ve got them all – the most tasteless, wackiest, funniest novelty gag gifts ideas for men. Discover now!

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys

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21 Gag Gifts For Men:

1. Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 01

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Alright. If you really want to impress the man who has everything with a funny gag gift, you’ve found one! Funky 3D Face makes his own head in miniature and becomes his very own minifigure. It allows you to buy your loved one the most unique gift in the world with his FACE. He will be absolutely delighted with this great fun gift.

2. For Star Wars Fans

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 02 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

If you’re looking for funny birthday gifts for friends who love Star Wars, then go for this funny candy bowl. The Star Wars fanatic on your gift list will be happy and feel safe to let Darth Vader keep their treats and goodies. It is a great room decor for any Star Wars fan as well!

3. Gift for the Nintendo and Super Mario Fans

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 03 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

With this soft and cute Coin Box Plush Pillow, Mario was never in any real danger of hurting himself from smashing blocks and bashing coin boxes. This cube-shaped pillow is made of 100% polyester and measures 5″ with Sounds!.

4. For The Wine Lovers

Foster Rye by TWINE Playful Pup Cute

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Whether the guy on your gift list is into Red Wine, Vodka, or Rum, creatively keep his bottle of joy with this funny wine bottle holder. It is one of the great funny birthday gifts for guys who love wine, and its playful design fits any bottle of wine.

5. For the Man Who Cooks

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 04 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Okay, you want to kiss him and bring him a beer when he cooks? Then buy this funny apron for him. It is one of the fun gift ideas for friends who love to cook. It gives a fun way to highlight your favorite chef’s abilities to cook the perfect meal in the kitchen or on the grill.

6. For The Beer Lovers

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 05 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Searching for birthday gag gifts for him? Then celebrate his birthday with this funny Half Pint Beer Glass. It’ll look like he has lost half of his pint! We know he just won’t want to use this beer mug at the pub because he won’t be getting a very good value for his money! Great gift for any beer lover.

7. For The Man Who Is Always Late

Splendid Chronometer

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

If he always has a hard time keeping track of his schedule, then he’ll love you for this awesome Tesla Watch that goes with his steampunk aesthetic. With this cool Splendid Chronometer, he will always on time for his appointments.

8. Give Him A Funny SH—!

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 06 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Sh!t just became real! One of the funniest gag gifts ever, this hilarious “poop emoji” hat is for sure going to get him lots of laughs. It is Sure to help him stand out at the next party. It is also one of the perfect gag gifts for Christmas exchange.

9. For The Superman In Your Life

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 07 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Are you looking for a funny gift for the superhero in your life,  he’ll love you even more for this Superman Shield Cufflinks. It’s made from Rhodium-plated base metal with enamel and comes within a box ready for gifting. Cool Gift for any Marel Fans.

10. For the Computer Geek

Keyboard Waffle Iron

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Shift + Breakfast! This funny Keyboard Waffle Iron creates a delicious Belgian-style waffle in the shape of a computer keyboard. He may not love to work with the keyboard, but we’re sure that he will love the keyboard-shaped waffle.

11. For the Coffee Enthusiast

Worlds Largest Coffee Cup

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

We get it, he loves coffee. If the guy you need a gift for can’t live without his cup of coffee, make things a little more fun with this World’s Largest Coffee Cup. Imagine how incredible when he sees this 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ (3.2 cm x 3.2 cm) coffee mug is full of his favorite coffee! Awesome gift for coffee drinkers.

12. For The Man Who Skis

Beardski Prospector Ski Mask

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Does he love skiing and exploring the polar ice cap?  Bring a little bit of fun to his ski trip with this Beardski Prospector Ski Mask. The awesome mask covers the face, neck, and ears in a funky way from the harshest of cold-weather conditions.

13. Gifts for The Gun Lover In Your Life

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 08 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Give your loved one some fun and attitude with these gun and bullets-inspired mugs. A great novelty item for any gun lover and help them always stay on target with the morning coffee. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe. With this cool Gun Lover’s gift set. Fun, Stylish, and Classy.

14. A Gift Brings Fun and Luck

Money Soap Cash

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Your quest for cheap and funny gag gifts for guys stops here! This affordable Moany Soap combine fun and surprise with some extra cash. These delightfully scented bars are sure to be fun for all! It not just cleans, it brings wealth and fun.

15. For The Man Wh0 Likes to Build

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 09 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

This Stackable Tetris LED Desk Lamp is super cool because guys can stack these lamps to create their very own lamp that’s unique to them. These Tetris blocks light up when they’re stacked together.

16. Gift for Music Lovers

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 10 1 1 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Finding gag gifts for males turning 40? Alpine Corporation’s Set of 2 Outdoor Bluetooth Rock Speakers turn up the volume anytime, anyplace. There are no cables needed to charge! Place in your yard and allow the speakers be powered by the sun, even on cloudy days. After the sun sets, the rechargeable battery will continue to provide electricity for up to 8 hours. These outdoor speakers that are 100% solar-powered are ideal for your garden, yard, pool area, treehouse, and more!

17. For The Man Who Loves to Read

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 11 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

Harry Potter is inviting you to take part in the magic with this bookstand. This two-piece bookend set recreates Platform 934 and shows the first time Harry Potter enters this magical land. This sophisticated bookend set is ideal for storing your Harry Potter books and DVDs. It is also a funny gift for train enthusiasts.

18. Let Him Drink Like A Viking

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 12 1 1

(Where to buy: Amazon.com)

With this awesome Das Horn Mug, he will drink in Viking-style. It is handcrafted for guys who enjoy horns in the rustic, traditional medieval design. Drinking Horn, Horn Bottle Opener, Metal Stand, Leather Belt, Shot Glass, and a lovely Golden Bag are all included in the set. The blazingly polished exterior of the horn, which has been brought to a perfect smoothness and brightness.

19. Let Him Relax Under The Sun


(NASCAR Chase Elliott Car Pool Float Lounger, fun.com)

He may love to accelerate to dangerous speeds of 200 mph, but we’re quite sure that he also likes to relax in this lounger under the sun and with his favorite drink in hand. Modeled after Chase Elliott’s current race car, the float features his iconic #24 Napa Auto Parts paint scheme.

image 8234094 11185476

20. For The Golf Enthusiast

Funny Gag Gifts For Guys 13 1

(Where to buy: amazon.com)

The golf fanatic on your gift list will love to wear this funny Hole in One beret. Made of artificial greens turf, this green beret puts everyone on the green and he’ll be about as funny as Bill when he wears it. Great as golf gift, gag gift, or father’s day gift.


  1. While reading the first sentence: gag gifts for the man you loved. I thought there was going to be some strange gifts for ex-husband or boyfriend, but that was not the case (did I miss something? have you written “loved” intentionally?) Don’t worry it’s not a big deal, just left me perplexed.

    The 21 funny gag gifts you have listed are very hilarious!
    My favorites are the Frisky Cub Wine Bottle Holder and Superman Shield Cufflinks. My husband is passionate about superheroes so that would be a great gift.

    If we would do skiing my next Christmas present would definitely be the Beardski Prospector Ski Mask, that looks awesome!

    Great gift ideas, thank you!

    1. Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Anthony Hu says:

    It is the time of the year. I am looking for gifts for my male friends and your “21 Funny Gag Gifts for Guys” helps my shopping plan. I have friends who are Star Wars Fans, Wine Lovers, Cook Lovers, Gun Lovers, and Book Lovers etc. When I have time, I will go over them one by one in detail. Your article helps my holiday shopping. Thanks.

  3. Hi there,

    Great article,

    I am so happy that I’ve found your article as I was just looking for a gift for my husband:) I didn’t have any idea of what to offer him as a present for a small party that I organize for fun:) I really like the gun lover’s executive set. As he loves the gun, I am sure he will be pleased with the gift, and he can drink coffee in it. Are there other colors available?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. We’re glad that we can help you, thank you!

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