What to Do for Mom’s 60th Birthday(11 Things To Do With Tips)

60th birthday is a milestone in mom’s life – it’s time to celebrate! If you’re looking for ideas and tips about What to Do for Mom’s 60th Birthday and how to celebrate mom 60th birthday? Then you are landed at the right place.

We all know, 60 years is a big landmark in everyone’s life. It’s time to celebrate your mom on this special occasion with great joy and happiness by throwing her an amazing 60th birthday celebration for mom!

But, how do you know what 60th birthday celebration ideas will make mom happy? How can you plan the perfect 60th birthday party? This blog post is all about planning the perfect 60-year-old mother’s day celebration.

In this post, we’ll not just provide you with some great ideas to celebrate your mom’s 60th birthday, but will also discuss some useful tips that will help you plan this big event better:

  • Understand the milstone of 60th birthday
  • 11 Great ideas that you can celebrate your mom in her 60th year of life
  • Useful tips about how to celebrate your mom’s 60th birthday better
  • What you should avoid while planning 60th birthday celebrations
  • Some fun facts about the age of 60

Ok, let’s start to explore some 60th birthday celebration ideas for mom.

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What to Do for Mom's 60th Birthday
How To Celebrate Mom’s 60th Birthday

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Before you start, it’s important to understand a few things about this milestone of 60.

60th birthday is a milestone in every woman’s life – it’s time to face the truth!

  • The 60s are a time when women become more independent and confident. She will be able to enjoy life more without caring about what others think.
  • She will also start taking better care of yourself – mind, body, and soul. You might even consider going for anti-aging facials. 60
  • It is a great time to start new adventures, learn new things, and travel more. 60
  • is also a time when many women reevaluate their lives and set new goals.

So, when planning the 60th birthday celebration for mom, make sure that you keep all these things in mind.

What are some 60th birthday celebration ideas that will make mom happy? 11 Great Ideas With Tips

What to Do for Mom's 60th Birthday

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Throw a big party! (Perfect excuse to gather all of your mom’s Favorite friends and family members )

60th birthday is the time to gather all of mom’s friends and family members for a big celebration.

It is because a 60th birthday milestone is not like any other age and it should be celebrated with great zeal. You can either plan a big party at home or book a venue for the celebration.

Indoor party:

  • If you are planning to throw a party at home, make sure that your house is ready for it.
  • You can decorate with gold streamers and balloons , hang some shimmering paper lanterns in the backyard or even buy a big cake. (Check out the decorate items for 6oth birthday here)

Outdoor party:

  • You can also choose an outdoor venue like park or beach where everyone will be able to enjoy the nice weather.
  • You can also throw a pool party for mom and her friends on this special occasion!


It is always fun when there are plenty of refreshments available during a celebration. Just make sure that you have enough food, beverages, decorations, and music ready for everyone. And don’t forget about some games – like a water balloon toss or pool volleyball – to keep the party going.

2. If your mom is more of an outdoor person, why not plan a day trip instead?

Have a mom who loves outdoor activities? If so, why not plan a day trip to celebrate her 60th birthday milestone?

You can choose a place that has a lot of outdoor activities that mom loves, and the possibilities are endless! Here are some good places to go for a day trip with your 60-year old mom:

  • hiking trails
  • beautiful gardens
  • interesting historical sites
  • a winery tour
  • local amusement park
  • beach resort
  • and more!

The important thing is to choose an activity that your mom will enjoy and make sure to plan everything in advance. That way, she can relax and enjoy this special day without any stress.


Check the weather forecast before planning the trip. Don’t forget to pack snacks, beverages, sunscreen, and other necessities so that you can have a great time during your day trip with mom!

And don’t forget to bring your GoPro with you – the 60th birthday party is the perfect time for a funny video compilation of mom’s best moments!

3. Pamper your mom with a spa day on her 60th birthday and let her relax!

If your 60-year old mom loves pampering herself and taking care of her health, why not plan a spa day for her 60th birthday? This can be the best gift for any 60-year old woman that you could give her on this very special occasion!

You don’t have to spend too much money – just choose an affordable spa near your home and make a reservation.


If you’re not sure what kind of spa treatments your mom would enjoy, why not ask her for some ideas? That way, she’ll know that you put some thought into planning her special day. And don’t forget to book the appointment well in advance – spas tend to fill up quickly!

4. If you have some extra budget, why not splurge her with a cruise trip?

If you have a bit more budget, why not plan a luxurious 60th birthday cruise trip for mom?

It is one of the best ways to celebrate 60 years milestone – enjoy all kinds of food, drinks, and entertainment on board! You can either choose a European or Caribbean cruise. It doesn’t matter which one you pick because both are going to be amazing!


Book the cruise trip well in advance to get the best deals. Also. make sure your mom knows about the trip and ask her if she has any special requests – like wanting to visit a certain country or city.

5. Your 60-year old mom is probably the most beautiful woman in your family and she deserves a photo shoot.

Why not book a professional studio and take family portraits with your mom on her 60th birthday? It will be a great way to capture this very special moment in your mother’s life. And she’ll love having beautiful photos to remember it by!

It’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your mom and has a fun day out.


Just take her to a nearby photo studio, choose some nice dresses – or even rent one if you’d like – and have fun taking photos together. You can also hire a makeup artist for an even more glamorous look.

And make sure to book well in advance, especially if you want to get a specific date and time for the photoshoot.

You can also communicate with the studio in advance to check out the best theme ideas, or if they have any packages that include makeup artists and hairstylists.

6. Why not learn something new together with your 60-year old mom on her 60th?

If your mom has some time on her hands and she’s looking for something new to learn, why not sign her up for a 60+ learning class?

There are many different types of classes available – like creative writing, painting, cooking, history, or foreign languages. You can find one that matches your mom’s interests perfectly!

This is also a great opportunity to spend some time with her and learn something new together. It’s a perfect way to bond and has some laughs!


Check the schedule of classes in your local area and see what fits your mom’s interests and availability. Most learning centers offer trial classes, so you can try out different ones on her 60th birthday and sign up for a longer course if she likes it!

7. Play into her hobbies and interests and spend quality time together.

Most 60-year old women are retired, so they have lots of free time. This can lead to boredom and loneliness – but it doesn’t have to! You can play into her interests and spend some quality time with your mom on 60 years milestone.

If she loves nature, maybe a 60th birthday trip to the mountains or beach? If she loves music, maybe tickets for her favorite musician’s concert will make her 60th unforgettable.

It all depends on what your mom likes and how much time you have – but this is definitely something worth considering! At 60 years old most people already took care of their families and now it’s their time to enjoy life.


Talk to your mom and see what her interests are – that will make it a lot easier to choose an activity or gift for her 60th birthday. If you’re not sure, take her out for lunch and ask her about the things she likes to do in her spare time.

8. If you just ant to play it safe, take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant.

It sounds boring but it’s always a safe option – and your mom will definitely appreciate it! 60 years is a long time, so she might have changed her taste in food over the years.

But don’t worry – you can take her to her favorite restaurant and they’ll be more than happy to serve her old favorites. This is also a great opportunity to catch up on the past 60 years over a delicious meal.


Check the restaurant’s website or call them to see if they’re doing anything special for the 60th birthday celebrations. Some restaurants offer free desserts, drinks, or discounts to customers celebrating their 60th birthday!

You may also ask the restaurant if it is possible to make a reservation for a special table, like by the window or in a quiet corner, or any special table decoration. This will make your 60th birthday meal even more memorable.

9. Take her on a 60-year milestone gift shopping spree!

Think about the money your mom have spent on your childhood time, and now it’s time to return the favor. She will definitely love going on a 60-year milestone gift shopping spree with you!

You can take her to her favorite mall or shopping district and let her buy whatever she wants. It’ll be a great opportunity for some bonding, and your mom will appreciate all the effort you put in.


Take her shopping in the morning or early afternoon – that way she’ll be less tired and stressed out when it’s time for her 60th birthday dinner with family members!

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10. If your 60-year old mom loves preserving memories, why not make her a special 60th birthday scrapbook?

You can include photos, newspaper clippings, cards, and any other memorabilia from the past 60 years. It will be a beautiful way to look back at all the amazing moments you shared together.

And don’t be afraid to include personal notes and letters too – they’re going to mean a lot more when 60 years have passed!


You can make one yourself or hire an experienced 60th birthday scrapbook author who will organize everything for you in no time. The choice is yours, but I recommend going with a 60th birthday scrapbook author – especially if you’re not very good at organizing things.

11. Don’t forget the 60th birthday cake!

It’s not a 60th birthday without a cake, so don’t forget to order one for your mom. You can choose her favorite flavor or go with something more unique that symbolizes the 60 years she’s lived.

If you want to get creative, you can make the cake yourself. It’ll be a 60th birthday present she’ll never forget!


Talk to the bakery about a 60-year milestone cake design and write your mom’s age on it. If you want, you can also include photos from her 60 years and some text with meaningful messages for this special day.

More useful tips: how to celebrate your mom’s 60th birthday better:

What to Do for Mom's 60th Birthday

Here are some more tips to help you celebrate your 60-year old mom’s birthday in style:

  • Start planning early. The earlier you start planning, the more time you’ll have to make arrangements and invite everyone.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to go overboard when planning a party, but try to stay within your budget so that mom can enjoy her special day without feeling any financial stress.
  • Think outside the box. There are lots of creative ways to celebrate the 60th birthday that have nothing to do with food or presents. It’s all up to you so have fun with it!

What you should avoid when planning 60th birthday party for mom?

Although the 60th birthday is a milestone, there are some things you should avoid doing at a 60-year old mom’s party. Here they come:

Don’t invite too many people.

obviously the more guests you have for the 60th birthday celebration, the harder it will be to organize everything and make everyone happy. There is no point in inviting all your relatives and friends if your 60-year old mom won’t even remember most of them.

Don’t make the party too formal.

As this is not a wedding or an anniversary, there’s no need to go all out with the formality. Keep things relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Don’t worry about 60th birthday party decor.

Your 60-year old mom won’t care much about the decorations, so you don’t have to either. You can use some colorful balloons and streamers or hang up a banner with “Happy 60th Birthday” on it. It will be simple but sweet!

Don’t make her feel stressed out.

The 60th birthday celebration is supposed to be a fun time for both her and you. Don’t make arrangements or give tasks that will stress her out, just enjoy the day together!

Don’t forget about the old people’s health and safety.

60th birthday is a great time to celebrate life, but don’t forget that some of your guests may be getting on in years. Make sure there’s plenty of food and drinks for everyone, as well as comfortable seating arrangements.

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Some fun facts about the 60th birthday.

To celebrate the 60th birthday of mom, you should know some interesting facts about the age.

  • 60 is the new 50! People are living longer and healthier lives, so a 60th birthday doesn’t seem as old as it used to.
  • In some cultures, turning 60 is seen as a great accomplishment – it means that you’ve lived through one cycle of the Chinese zodiac.
  • The average life expectancy in the US is around 80 years old. So, you have a fair chance of celebrating your 60th birthday – and then continuing to live for another 20+ years!
  • 60 is also the age that most people retire. So, your mom can finally enjoy her retirement and all of the free time that comes with it!

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To Wrap up

60th birthday is a special day for any person, but it’s especially important for mom. Make sure to celebrate it in a way that she’ll enjoy and remember for years to come! 60th birthday is a great time to reflect on all the amazing moments you’ve shared together, so start planning early and make your mom’s 60th birthday party unforgettable!

We hope that with these tips, you’ll be able to plan a 60th birthday party that she’ll never forget! Please let us know your comments – we are love to hear them.

And if you found this post helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and spread the love!

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