60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women (Amazing Gifts for A 60-Year-Old Woman)

Thoughtful and fabulous 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women from HAHAPPY Gift Ideas.

Women over 60 always love to receive meaningful 60th birthday gifts that show how much their family or friends care about them or something that will bring beauty or relaxation to their lives.

So, whether you’re looking for 60th birthday gift ideas for your mum, wife, sisters, or best friends, here are some great choices for your consideration – From sentimental sculpture to memorable photo frame, blooming tea set, vintage vinyl record player, elegant Kimono robe, elegant pearl earrings, and some much more tender gifts for a 60-year-old woman.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

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To Save Your Time: The TOP 5 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

There are so many great gift ideas for women turning 60 this year. But sometimes you’ve got no time to think about what she might like, whether it’s because you are on the last minute or short on cash. The good news is that there are some gifts out there that no woman will ever say “no” to-even if every gift idea in the world fails! What do I mean? Well here is a list of the top five 60th birthday gift ideas for women that any woman will love.

#TOP 1 – Tahitian Cultured Pearl Hoop Earrings

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


These special Pearl earrings add class and elegance to her outfit. She will love to have these to celebrate her 60th Birthday.

#TOP 2 – Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


Loading all the family photos to this Wifi Cloud Digital Frame to create a memorable photo album celebrating her 60th birthday. She will love this meaningful 60th birthday gift and have all the beautiful photos of her kids and grandkids around her.

# TOP 3 – Silk Kimono Robe Long

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


A great gift treats both practical and aesthetic, this Old Shanghai Women’s Silk Kimono Long Robe introduces a sophisticated look she’ll fall in love with. This silk kimono is created by a master artisan with a delicate hand-painted. Elegant & luxurious, and exquisite. One of the great gifts for a 60-year-old woman who looks elegant.

#TOP 4 – Happy 60th Birthday Angel Figurine

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


If you’re looking for sentimental 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women who has everything, search no more. This beautifully detailed high-quality Angel Sculpture by Pavilion Gift Company is the perfect 60th birthday gift that will bring joy and beauty to her home.

#TOP 5 – Towel Warmer Bucket

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 15 1


If you know someone who loves to take hot baths and showers or just cares about her health, then this is the perfect gift idea for women over sixty. The heated bucket provides a relaxing and much more pleasant at-home spa experience that will make anyone turn into a bath enthusiast in no time. So if it’s her birthday, she’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift that will make her life much easier in multiple ways.

Our Favorite 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women That She’ll Like

When you are shopping for a 60th birthday gift, you may want to start with who she is. If she is your mom, you probably have a clue. If she is your wife, you probably already know what she likes. If it’s a family friend, you may be able to call someone she has worked with or one of her children and find out some information that might help you choose the right 60th birthday gift.

If none of those things are available to you, then why not choose something based that is sentimental or just with fun? A 60th birthday gift for a woman is all about looking towards the future and celebrating another decade of life.

Below are some great categories for you to pick off your gift hunting:

Jewelry Gifts For Women 60-Year-Old Birthday

Jewelry is always a good choice. It’s classic, sentimental, classy, and also just pretty. There are so many options for this age group that you’re really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Personalized Custom Family Branch Tree Heart Necklace

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 01 1 1


Finding personal gifts for a 60-year-old woman? She will adore this personalized custom necklace with her grandkids’ names with birthstones. This necklace will undoubtedly be something she appreciates.

Brooch Pins Rhinestone with Austria Crystal Jewelry

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 02 1 1


Brooch Pins are in a place where she can have quick access to them when she needs them for a touch-up. This pretty rhinestone brooch pin looks wonderful on any type of clothing so she will get plenty of use out of it anywhere they go. Anyone who is getting dressed up in formal attire or just someone who loves to accessorize with jewelry will love this idea. They are very affordable and something she probably wouldn’t get for herself, but would always find a use for.

Multicolor Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 03 1


This gorgeous necklace is perfect for any 60-year-old woman looking to receive a pearl necklace. This cultured pearl necklace comes with a multicolor color combination of grey, lavender, and white pearls. The multicolor beads have a shimmering luster that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

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Cushion-Cut Stone Stud Earrings

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 04 1


This beautiful stud earring will never go out of fashion. You can get this in 14k yellow gold with more than 10 stone colors to choose from, so it’s easy to match with any of her styles. The cushion-cut stone will look outstanding on her ears and she’ll be very grateful for your sparkling choice!

Bulova Women’s Silver Watch Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


If your budget allows, pamper your loved woman with this shimmering Bulova Women’s Analog Display Analog Quartz Silver Watch Set that she deserves for her 60th birthday. It’s elegant, beautiful, and classic.

Hobby-Related Gifts For Women 60th Birthday

Many women over 60 may choose to retire or work part-time, and they will suddenly find themselves with endless hours to spend with whatever they desire! Staying physically and socially engaged is especially important for seniors. As a result, choosing a present that will assist them in furthering their hobby would be appreciated.

For The Music Lovers – Vintage Vinyl Record Player Turntable

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 08 1 1 1


If the 60-year-old lady loves music and vintage items, this flower-shaped record player is just the perfect 60th birthday gift for her. It’s a unique gift idea that will add some style to her home while also fuelling her love for playing records. The flower design will make sure it brings her the romantic old days back.

If She Loves To Cook – 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Cooker

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 12 1 1


This is an extremely practical gift if you know that the lady in loves cooking. It’s an all-in-one kitchen appliance that can cook food in many different ways, from steaming to baking.

Plus, it comes with a recipe book filled with the best recipes to make using this fantastic kitchen appliance. If you’re looking for the 60th birthday gift for your wife, then this is the perfect item for you to have a delicious meal every day!

For The Gardeners – Garden Kneeler and Seat Stool

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


If she enjoys spending her days in the garden, then let’s upgrade her gardening tools with this all-in-one gardening tools set. You could motivate her to start gardening even if she doesn’t currently have one and has previously shown an interest in doing so. This kneeler and seat toolset is ideal for all her garden needs and makes it the best gardening gift for women age 60.

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For The Yoga Woman – Complete Yoga Mat Gift Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 06 1 1


If someone you know is turning sixty and she loves yoga, this is a must-have present. The set will provide all the basic equipment for yoga, so it’s ideal if your mother, aunt, grandmother, etc. already takes yoga classes but doesn’t have this super handy set yet, then she’ll totally love it. It’s also an eco-friendly item, so both nature and health freaks will be pleased

If She Loves Pinice – English-Style Willow Picnic Basket

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 09 1 1


If your grandma, mother, or wife loves to spend her time in the park or at some other outdoor location, this awesome picnic basket is a great idea. It comes with its own fleece blanket and everything she needs for picnic time. It is a great 60th birthday gift that helps her eat comfortably while enjoying the nature around her.

For The Golfers – Indoor Golf Putting Green Mats

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 05 1


Golf seems to be the sport of choice for people over sixty. This is definitely a great gift idea if you’re stuck on ideas and know that the lady in question loves golf (or would like to get into it). Even more, this is a unique and fantastic item that will make a wonderful piece of furniture in her home.

For The Artists – Deluxe Artist Painting Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 11 1 1


If her dream is painting after retirement, then this is the perfect birthday gift for her. It’s a deluxe painting set with a 137-piece hobby kit full of everything she’ll need to paint amazing oil, acrylic, and watercolor masterpieces. So all she has to do is pull out these tools and start painting!

For The Cheese Lovers – Cheese Board Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 07 1 1


There are plenty of sixty-year-old women who love to entertain guests at their homes. Whether they’re throwing fancy dinner parties, casual gatherings, or cocktail events with friends, this all-in-one cheese board set is the perfect 60th birthday gift idea that will make life easier for them.

For The Florist – Handmade Footed Round Vase

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 10 1 1


If the birthday lady is a florist or loves flowers, this handmade vase will be a truly unique piece of art that she’ll cherish forever. It’s made out of the finest materials and will be a wonderful piece to put in any home. Don’t forget to gift it together with her favorite things – flowers of course!

If She Loves Drink Tea – Teabloom Complete Blooming Tea Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


Need a gift set for your loved woman who loves to drink tea? Surprise her with these Teabloom Complete Blooming Tea Set on her 60th birthday. She’ll be amazed at the beauty, aroma, and taste of this very unique and flowering tea gift set.

Style-Related Gift For Women 60th Birthday

If the 60-year-old woman on your gift list is stylish, these would be great options to give her. More and more brands are focused on age-appropriate looks, so it’s easier than ever to find something that will let her feel great at any age!

100% Cashmere Poncho- Made in Italy

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 19 1 1 1


If she’s a woman who loves high-quality and unique clothing, such as cashmere ponchos, then this is the ideal 60th birthday present for her. Unique and light in weight, it’s a piece of clothing that she’ll cherish. And if she loves traveling, then this will be an awesome item to take along with her! It’s a thoughtful and practical present that shows how much you care and will be a staple in her wardrobe for years to come.

Bulova Women’s Silver Watch Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


If your budget allows, pamper your loved woman with this shimmering Bulova Women’s Analog Display Analog Quartz Silver Watch Set that she deserves for her 60th birthday. It’s elegant, beautiful, and classic.

Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Bag

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 21a 1 1


If she is the kind of woman who never gets enough handbags, then this accessory is for her. It’s a classic piece of Michael Kors women’s fashion that will never go out of style, and it looks great with pretty much every outfit imaginable.

The chain detailing will add a touch of glamour to any ensemble, while the size will make it perfect for carrying around all her essentials.

Kate Spade New York Women’s Lulu Rectangular Sunglasses

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 22a 1


Another classic accessory that will stay in style for decades to come, fashionable and practical, these sunglasses from Kate Spade New York will look so good on any 60-year-old woman. It’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion, so she’ll get plenty of use out of them in the next decade too!

Health-Related Gifts For Women 60th Birthday

Nothing is more vital than staying healthy after the age of 60. They are happier to have a gift that helps them feel good with the body and stay healthy.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


This is a fantastic 60th birthday for a woman who is always on her feet. This Shiatsu foot, ankle, and leg massager improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, stimulates muscle regeneration, relieves discomfort, and provides pure and comprehensive relaxation after a long day.

3-in-1 Mesh Infrared Heating Pad

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 16a 1 1


Although 60 is usually touted as the beginning of old age, that’s not really true. The truth is that women over sixty sometimes have to deal with arthritis, inflammation, and other ailments that can be very painful.

This 3-in-1 heating pad will provide soothing relief in three ways – using heat stone for pain, jade tourmaline gemstones for circulation, and FIR (far-infrared rays) therapy to stimulate blood flow. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that every woman turning 60 will love.

Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


This Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket will warm her heart. It’s extremely soft, warm, and comfortable, definitely one of the best birthday gift ideas for the 60-year-old woman.

She will just want to sit by the fire, grab a hot cup of tea, and read her favorite book with this luxurious blanket. It’s also a great gift for women turning 70.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


There’s never been a better time for her to keep track of her steps, sleep habits, and overall health than right now. With this Fitbit Sense advanced smartwatch, she can test her heart for AFib, identify and control tension, better understand her sleep quality, and even keep an eye on patterns in her skin temperature or well-being right from her wrist.

Silk Pillowcase And Eye Mask Gift Set

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


What happens when we sleep is directly related to the quality of our lives. She will adore having this gift to improve the quality of her sleep and help avoid aging, health issues, and low energy. This silk pillowcase and eye mask are made from the highest grade of silk on the market.

60th Birthday Gifts For Women Who Have Everything

Looking for a gift for her 60th birthday but she already has everything? No worries, we got some great ideas for you here and we will make sure you choose the perfect gift for your loved one!

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium Kit

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 15 1


Looking for Unique Gifts For Women Who Have Everything? This beautiful Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium Kit is not just so nice and relaxing to look at, it also makes great home decor. It’s easy to care for and only needs water once a week and no soil is required. What’s the best, you can include a loving message in your gift order when checking out.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – Hand-Dipped Forever Rose

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 17 1 1


The most amazing 60th birthday gift idea for women who are turning 60 is this forever rose that will last a lifetime. It’s made out of real roses and dipped in 24K gold by hand, so there are absolutely no two flowers alike. Each one is amazing, so it will be a true keepsake to have in her home for years and years to come.

Family Tree with 12 Hanging Picture Frames

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 13 1 1


Looking for a thoughtful and meaningful 60th birthday gift idea that will show how much you care for your mother or grandmother’s family?

A family tree is a beautiful way to commemorate the love between generations. This one, with 12 hanging picture frames is no exception – It will give her a beautiful piece of furniture to hang up all her favorite family photos and cherished memories on, while also decorating her living room or hallway at the same time.

Gifts for a 60-Year-Old Woman – Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women


If she enjoys taking baths, invest in a bath caddy to keep everything organized and close at hand. No matter what size tub she is working with, this expandable, well-made wood bath caddy will fit perfectly.

She can place a glass of wine, a book, or specialty soaps on the tray. It’s not only pratical, but it’s also giving her a luxurious home spa experience.

Hand-painted Artisan “60 and Sassy” Wine Glass

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 18a 1 1


A wine glass with a funny quote is the perfect 60th She’s a downright sassy six-decade-old, isn’t she? Toast to 60 years of living every day more wonderful than the previous with this beautiful 15 oz. glass.

Each Lolita glassware item is hand-decorated and painted, so it’s a one-of-a-kind work of art that commemorates her 60th birthday in a very special way. She will love to show off her sense of humor, while also making sure everyone around knows she’s cool enough to love this pretty wine glass!

Family Birthday Calendar Board Sign

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 14 1 1


This cute wooden birthday reminder calendar is great for any family member or friend who’s turning 60 this year. The best part about it is that it will help your loved one stay organized- she can set all her birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, and other events on the board instead of worrying about remembering the birthdays of her loved ones.

Touching Poem Frame For Mother

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 13 1


Today is the right time to express your appreciation to your mom for all she does for your family. Use the power of the poem to generate touching 60th birthday gift ideas for mom. This sentimental Poetry Gift with a beautiful red rose design will be the warmest 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women ever.

60th Birthday Gift Basket Delight

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 14 1


If you have been looking for 60th birthday gift baskets to celebrate her new decade, your quest stops here. This fantastic celebration basket is filled with hearty snacks, including freshly Organic Quinoa, Rolled Couscous, French Olives, Oat Cake Crackers, Super Dark Chocolate Bar, Berry Granola, and much more tempting treats.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – Funny 60th Birthday Mug

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 17


Affordable and useful, so this funny mug is the perfect gift for women who in their 60th birthday. The best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women should be both personal and functional, which is why this mug is an excellent option.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women – FAQs

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 20 1

What is a good 60th birthday gift ideas for women?

A good birthday present is hard to find. There are two questions to ask before you can buy her a gift-What do I need to know about the person? What would make them happy? Questions like “What are her hobbies?” and “What does she like to do for fun?” are crucial in figuring out what to get her. You can find some great ideas online, or you can ask for advice from other people who know your friend or family member well.

What is the traditional gift for 60th Birthday?

The traditional 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women is a diamond, just as the wedding anniversary gift is given after six decades of marriage. However, not everyone can afford – or desires – actual diamonds, it’s totally appropriate to offer your loved one a diamond-inspired gift, or something meaningful gift in silver.
Of course that you don’t need to follow the tradition when you can be creative and give her something fun and unique for her 60th birthday.

What is the best flower for the 60th birthday celebration?

Isn’t the first image that comes to mind when giving flowers at a 60th birthday party a bouquet of red roses? Because red is the theme color for a sixtieth birthday, 60 red roses would be a fantastic gift.

What to get the 60th woman who wants nothing?

Non-material gifts which are funny and sentimental will be a good choice for the woman who wants nothing on her 60th birthday.

It’s also a time to send an experience gift to her if she already has anything. Is there a special area she’d like to visit? You may spend your time with her on a day trip or weekend adventure with you. A boat trip is also a good option.

How much should you spend on her 60th birthday present ?

This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on your financial situation and how close you are to the person in question. If she is your wife or mom, we recommend spending somewhere between $200-$500. If she is your sister or best friend, you may consider spending $75-$200. If she is your relative or coworker, $20-75 would be more appropriate.

What NOT to give as 60th celebration gifts?

Do not get her cash as a 60th birthday present. It is because cash is sometimes uninteresting. It may be because it has no sentiment attached to the gift. And do not give her some gift cards. Gift cards may be impersonal for her big milestone.

How to celebrate her 60 milestone in style?

Here are some ideas about how to make her 60th birthday unforgettable:

  • Throw a 60th Birthday Party: Put together an unforgettable party with the help of friends and family members if your budget allows it. Serve some specialties on her special day and book a karaoke room for those who want to belt out their favorite tunes all night long.
  • A trip to Greece: If you have the money, give her a trip to Greece. She deserves it!
  • A private dinner party: Invite some friends and cook them up a nice Italian feast.
  • A trip in a hot air balloon: This is a great 60th birthday gift idea for the woman who has everything because it’s an amazing experience she probably won’t ever have again.
  • A spa weekend: Treat her to a relaxing few days at the spa. She’ll be so relaxed and rejuvenated, she’ll feel like a new woman.
  • A round of golf: If she’s a golfer, this is definitely an idea worth considering. However, if she’s not into sports at all it might not be such a great birthday gift ideas.
  • Cruise: If your mom isn’t really into spa days or golf, take her on a cruise! This can also be an opportunity to spend time with the whole family.
  • A picnic day with all family members: If you’re on a tight budget, go for a picnic day. It’s super cheap and it will be great family time too with all the kids!
  • A tour of the city: If she loves the idea of spending time outdoors but isn’t into sports, this is another great idea.

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60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – Conclusion

We hope this list of 60th birthday gift ideas inspires you to go out and find the perfect present for your loved one. It’s never too late to manifest their heart’s desire! This is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, so why not give them a great gift that will provide memories they’ll cherish forever? What are some other ways you’ve found success in giving meaningful gifts? Share with us below!

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    Well, I must say I’m just about to reach my 60th birthday soon, and I don’t think I would love to get as a birthday gifts your picks.
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    More and more people are fitter and their interest are other.
    What about some good shoes for hiking?
    What about a new IPad?
    What about an idea to visit a new place not far from home?

    1. Thank you for your ideas. we will certainly take your suggest to update the post, thanks.

  2. I really like the push pin world travel map for anyone who has traveled quite a bit. This is a great list. Many 60 year olds are still highly active and very busy. So things for keeping in shape or relaxing are good too. It’s just good to think specifically of them and their lifestyle. Do they love coffee? go with that thought. Do they love grandkids? go with that thought. Do they love exercise? go with that thought.

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