50th Birthday Gifts for Women

Looking for 50th Birthday Gifts for Women? Whether she’s your mom, your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your aunt, or any important woman in your life, she’s a VERY special lady who hits the milestone 50. Let her know how much you care about her 50th birthday by lavishing her with delightful and heartwarming gifts. Down below we have a wide range of 50th Birthday Gifts for Women you can consider for gifting your beloved lady who is turning 50. Read on to see our picks.


16 Best Gift For A Woman On Her 50th Birthday

(For Your Mom, Wife, or Sisters)




 Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Women Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

This unique gift provides her with the perfect mood lighting in an environmentally friendly way and enhances her life with healthier and better breathing. The Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are made of salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains, each and every specimen is hand carved and unique. It is also a great 50th birthday gift ideas for mom.


Lavender Spa Bath And Body Gift Set

Lavender Spa Bath and Body Gift Set

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

By 50, almost every woman appreciates something with aromatherapy and relaxation, like a spa treatment or massage. If you can’t afford to send her for regular relaxing body care, this Lavender Spa Bath And Body Gift Set will help her get amazing spa treatments at home.


TexereSilk Women’s Luxury Long Silk Bathrobe

TexereSilk Women Luxury Long Silk Bathrobe

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

“Your elegant woman deserves a luxury silk robe as a gift for her 50th birthday. This gorgeous Luxury Long Silk Bathrobe by TexereSilk is perfect. It is made from 100% Silk which is light in weight and smooth against the skin.


Wolf Chloe Large Jewelry Box

Chloe Large Jewelry Box

 (Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

Looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for mom? Most women of 50 have a lot of jewelry – from necklaces, earrings, rings, to bracelets. A large and luxury jewelry case is a must need for her to organize her exclusive jewelry collection. This delicately constructed leather jewelry case from WOLF is the best choice. Unique, Elegant, and Classic.


Mulberry Small Zipped Bayswater’ Grainy Leather Tote

Mulberry Small Zipped Bayswater Grainy Leather Tote

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

If your budget allows, gifting her a luxury designer leather tote bag would be a great birthday gifts ideas. This latest luxe leather tote from Mulberry is inspired by the original Bayswater bag and is made from 100% cow leather. Suitable for any special occasion or just for daily life.


La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

La Prairie SKIN CAVIAR Liquid Lift (2)

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

Looking younger is always at the top of the wish list of women who have hit the age 50. So, it’s time to get her a luxury skincare gift that gives her ageless skin on her 50th birthday. This La Prairie SKIN CAVIAR Liquid Lift is an excellent and perfect gift if it’s on your budget.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

If you are looking for a well-selected skincare gift under $100 for women who are experiencing all key signs of aging, you can’t go wrong with this ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex which is so well-beloved by most of beauty reporters. Whether she is a beauty addict or not, who doesn’t like receiving a great gift for her 50th birthday that will enhance her features?


Nixplay Original 12 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay Original 12 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

A wifi digital photo frame with all of the photos from the past 50 years of her life on it is an up-to-date gift for your loved woman who is turning 50. The WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame from Nixplay is the most recommended choice for a loved one, and the best gift to make her 50th birthday day special and memorable.


Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

A woman on her 50th birthday might not interest in a lot of things, but she might definitely like things that will give her a relaxing experience. This great Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow is designed to target troublesome spots in the neck, lower- & upper back and shoulders. It is a perfect gift to show your care and let the stress melt away from her.


Fitbit Charge 4

fitbit 4


(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

Whether your loved 50th woman is an athletic lady or not, she will be more conscious of her health and start to spend more time doing exercise when she hits the milestone 50! One of the greatest health and fitness gifts you can get any 50th woman is this Fitbit Charge 4. It motives she for her fitness and health goals!”


Hebi Arts 16.5 in. Floating Heart

Hebi Arts Floating Heart

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

This floating heart craft is sure to be one of the perfect gifts for the 50-year-old woman who has everything. Most women might spend more time at home when they are turning to 50. So, a beautiful craft and home decoration would be a wonderful 50th birthday gift ideas to make her time at home be delighted.


Tom Ford lipstick lip color 09 TRUE CORAL

12 50th Birthday Gifts for Women TOM FORD lipstick1

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

Searching for 50th birthday ideas for sister? She is a too-youthful older woman on her 50th birthday and deserves the most stylish RED lipstick! This exquisite lipstick from TOM FORD offers the perfect quality that they crave for.  This is an ultra-creamy & nurturing lipstick that hydrates & conditions the lips with a single swipe. These shades stay on a perfectly whole day long and provide pure color with just the perfect balance of radiance.


ONEHOPE Glitter Celebration Champagne Gift Set

ONEHOPE Glitter Celebration Champagne Gift Set

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

It’s time to celebrate her 50th birthday with a bit of sparkle. This super-fun gift set includes a silver glitter bottle of Brut Sparkling Wine in 750m, along with two charming champagne flutes, and a confetti tube for an extra pleasurable pop. Giving a Celebration Champagne Gift Set is an ideal gift for the 50-year-old woman who has everything.

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

If you’re still searching for a thoughtful 50th birthday gift for the woman in your life, then this book: 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50: 50 Experts on the Subject of Turning 50, is a great option. This book is an inspiring, thoughtful, humorous collection of essays written by experts and notables from all social circles on the subject of turning 50. This is a meaningful 50th birthday gift, and extremely useful for the woman who feels unease when turning 50 and makes her SMILE!

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium For Women

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

What defines a perfume that women over 50 feel comfortable wearing? Women aged 50+ always want a fragrance that would define how women should smell-sophisticated, mature, complex, and confident, and you can’t go wrong with this Black Opium – an award-winning and highly addictive feminine fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent. 

50th Birthday Party Rhinestone Tiara Crown

Party Rhinestone Tiara Crown

(Where to Buy: Amazon.com)

“Want to treat your special lady like a queen for her 50th birthday with funny 50th birthday gifts? This 50th Birthday Party Rhinestone Tiara Crown would be a good option for funny 50th birthday gifts. Classic, Elegant, and Eye-catching.


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Gifts for 50-Year-Old Woman Who Has Everything

Needless to say, it is just hard to find a gift that’s unique and creative for the woman who has everything, especially if she is at the age of 50. So, we’ve searched out some great gift ideas for them. These unusual gifts will delight and surprise even the pickiest woman. Whether you’re shopping for the woman who is hard to shop for, or surprising the wealthy woman in your shopping list, our gift suggestion will help you find something that’s truly great for her.

#Experience Gifts  

What’s better than giving an experience gift for the women who has everything? An experience gift will give her a warm memory that she will cherish for years to come.  A relaxing spa experience is one of the best experience gifts that help relieve her stress and tension. A lovely day trip to her favorite attractions. You can also give her a romantic night out to her favorite restaurant or even a romantic

  • A relaxing spa experience is one of the best experience gifts that help relieve her stress and tension.
  • A lovely day trip to her favorite attractions. Thank you for citypass.com, you can plan your trip and order all the tickets with ease.
  • Arranging a romantic night out to her favorite restaurant or even a romantic dinner cruise.
  • Buy the tickets of her favorite musical or comedy, of course, go to visit the show with her.

#Something Relating One Of Her Hobbies

9704343415 ec7207e441 z

You can’t go wrong to give her a gift that related to her hobby. If you know a woman who loves to read, give her some books or a fire kindle that help her read with ease. If she is a yoga woman, give her a set of yoga apparel. Get her the gifts she really wants by giving her something that helps her brush up on her favorite activity. Discover more gift ideas with our hobby themed gift guide:


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  1. Elizabeth Conley says:

    Yes, there are some winners on that list. I’m 55, and it’s absolutely true that women in my age group appreciate fitness aids like the exercise monitoring wrist watch.

    We also like high-quality handbags. We tired of the cheap fashionable ones long ago. Now we expect a handbag to last.

    It’s also true that we like sophisticated perfumes. The Black Opium is a good choice. Shalimar, (the classic, not the tootie-fruitie new version, and Carlos Santana for women are two other greats.

    I do suggest that you exercise caution when buying us things like wrinkle cream, however. Not all of us like it when you admit to noticing a need.

    Lovely List,


    1. Thank you for stopping by and your feedback is highly appreciated.

  2. I know from experience this can be a very touchy age for women.

    As a guy, husband, fiancé or whatever you want to be very careful how you approach it.

    The gifts you have listed are wonderful. None of them scream I am getting old.

    This is a wonderful page that every guy should have bookmarked.

    Its great that you have done the work for us.


    1. We’re glad that you found our picks useful~ highly appreciated for your nice words. 

  3. Hey there, I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I think you have done a great job on your website. Keep posting content and I think you will be successful. it takes time to build a website from ground up, and you probably know that by now. Just wanted to let you know you have done an awesome job keep your head high you have earned it.

    1. We’re very thankful for your comment and nice words.

      Thank you.

  4. I love the salt lamp, that is pretty cool. My mother’s birthday is coming up later this summer and I’ll definitely remember to check it out. That’s probably the best one of the list imo. The other ones are great too, I bought my mother a body gift set for mother’s day a few years ago and she loved it, its a great idea for any occasion. Do you think getting your mother lipstick/perfume is weird? I feel like those gifts are more suitable for your girlfriend.

    1. Thank you for stopping by our site.

      Lipstick and perfume are women’s best friend and always on their wish list 🙂 

      but of course, it depends on your mother’s characters, if she never wears makeup, then you better find something more related to her interests 🙂 hope it helps.


  5. Hey There
    Thanks so much for giving me some great ideas for gifts for my mum!
    Her birthday is coming up and she is so hard to buy for!
    There are lots of ideas on your list that she does not have and I am sure that she will love!
    I am leaning towards the salt lamp! My mum is in to natural remedies and I think she would love this!
    Thanks again

    1. We are glad to know you ‘ve found our list of 50th Birthday gifts for women useful.

      We believe that your mum will love the salt lamp as well.

      Thank you.

  6. These are great ideas and this is a great post. It can be a real struggle to find a suitable gift for someone. Especially a middleaged person who “has everything already”. Where I come from (Sweden) your 50th birthday is really a big thing and often when people turn 50 they invite just about everyone they know so gift ideas is certainly useful.
    Another idea for a gift might be a visit to a spa, a short trip or something exiting such as scuba diving or parachuting. What do you think?

    1. Thank you for visiting your site and thank you for your good ideas.

  7. Getting a gift for a woman, especially after their 50’s can be quite tricky for men. My mom is getting in her 50’s and I still have no clue what to buy for her. I really like the Lavender Spa Bath And Body Gift Set as well as the Wolf Chloe Large Jewelry Box. However, I would never buy her the 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50 book as she will try to hit me with it, it’s not safe. Anyways, great article!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting our site. Hope your mom enjoy the gift too.

      hope to see you again. thanks 

  8. oh my gosh thanks so much for this article. I have been thinking about a gift of my mother in law and have been a bit stuck!

    Now I have lots of options to consider and might even pick up a thing of two for myself (though I’m not even anywhere near 50)….the Tom Ford lipstick is Coral is just GORGEOUS!

    1. thank you for your feedback and we’re glad to know that you like our picks. 

  9. Darmendra says:

    What great gift ideas to give a woman on her 50th Birthday.
    I think every 50-year-old woman will surely appreciate any gift that takes care of her skin as well as aromatherapy treatment or other items that have to do with relaxation as they usually suffer from insomnia or secondary stress to menopause.
    So I think those are the best gifts for her 🙂

    Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Eric Chen says:

    I was actually in the middle of searching for a birthday present for my aunt, but she’s a little over 50. That’s okay though, the gifts you recommend is more than adequate for what I am looking for!

    I like this site is well laid out and easy to navigate. It also included ides for various ages!

    I will highly recommend this to my friends who also struggles to come up with birthday gift ideas!


    1. Thanks again for your sharing, have a great day!

  11. I’m glad I found your website! My mum’s birthday is in March and I am looking for a birthday gift for her. You had such comprehensive list for different women with different personalities. I like your idea of buying a spa experience as a gift as my mum has got basically most things. I will definitely save this website so that I can refer to this when I want to get a gift for my girlfriend and my sister. Hope to see more ideas in your website in the future, thanks!

  12. What nice gift ideas to give a woman on her 50th Birthday.

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