14 Best Surprise Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend (Ideas to ‘WOW’ her!)

Looking for surprise birthday ideas for your girlfriend that she will never be expecting!?

It can be hard to come up with the perfect birthday surprise for her. You want it to be something thoughtful and unique, but you don’t want to spend too much or take too much time planning it.

Don’t worry and take the easy road!

In this post, we will list out a couple of ideas that will help you come up with the perfect surprise for her, and discuss some of the thought that needs to go into executing each idea:

  • Why do surprise Your Girlfriend On Her birthday is important?
  • 14 great ideas to surprise her on her special day.
  • Tips for planning a birthday surprise ideas.
  • What to avoid during this surprise birthday ideas?
  • What to do if the birthday surprise ideas failed?

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Surprise Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend
Surprise Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend

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Why do surprise Your Girlfriend On Her birthday is important?

There are many reasons why surprise birthday ideas are an important and a great way to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday:

  • First of all, you will always win her heart with a surprise, especially on her birthday!
  • Second, they show that you put a lot of thought into her birthday and into finding the perfect gift for her.
  • Third, surprise birthday ideas are always unique and different-no one else will have the same gift as her!
  • Finally, surprise birthday ideas are often very memorable and will be something she’ll always cherish.

So, what are you waiting for? Come up with the surprise birthday idea that’s just right for her!

Examples of amazing Surprise Birthday Ideas that will “wow” Your Girlfriend!

We all know that surprise birthday idea for her are always a great gift. So, here are some surprise birthday ideas that you can surprise her with-from something cute to another memorable surprise!

Surprise Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend

1. Name a start with her name.

For this surprise birthday idea, you’ll need some help from the astronomer world! Simply look up an astronomy site on the Internet and name a star for your girlfriend. This is sure to be the most romantic birthday surprise ever!

How to do:

Simply find out which astronomy site (like starregister.org) that you can name a star for her. Then, register to have it done and the site will send you the certificate of registration! This is sure to be one birthday surprise she’ll always treasure.

2. Make her feel like a princess with a photoshoot with a professional photographer.

If your girlfriend loves to take pictures, this surprise birthday idea will be perfect for her. She’ll love getting her picture taken by a professional photographer and feel like a princess!

How to do:

Contact a photography studio and schedule a photo session on the day of her birthday. Remember to communicate with the photographer before and discuss what kind of theme fits most with your girlfriend. Don’t forget about makeup artists too!

3. Wish her a happy birthday in a newspaper!

Wishing your girlfriend a happy birthday in the newspaper is an incredibly romantic gift. This sure to be a great surprise that she never would have expected!

How to do:

Find out what paper runs in her area, and choose an appealing advertisement. Next, you’ll want to write the message yourself (you can use pre-written messages if you like). Finally, send it out on her birthday! This is sure to make her feel extra special.

4. Surprise her by taking a trip to the beach and building a fort out of blankets, sitting under it with wine and cheese.

This surprise birthday idea is sure to make her feel like a child for the day! You can even plan it out by taking her on a short trip to the beach beforehand. Then, set up a little fort out of blankets and drink wine and eat cheese with her.

How to do:

Start by creating a little fort out of blankets and setting up a small table for two. Then, order the food and drinks you want to bring along beforehand so that upon arrival they will be waiting there for you! It’s sure to look like a scene out of a romance movie, perfect for her special day.

5. Arrange a romantic birthday dinner for two on a boat.

This surprise birthday idea is sure to be lovely for your girlfriend! She’ll love getting to dine on a romantic boat at sunset, sipping on champagne with you.

How to do:

Starting contacting a boat company in her local area, and have it arranged to go out on the day of her birthday. Make sure to do it in the evening so that you can take advantage of sunset views! Also, make sure the dinner is extravagant with her favorite food, and don’t forget the champagne!

6. Learn to play her favorite song on the guitar and surprise her with a performance.

This birthday surprise is sure to be a hit with your girlfriend! She’ll love the fact that you put the effort into learning how to play her favorite song on guitar (or other instruments that is new to you).

How to do:

Simply go online to find instructional videos on how to play her favorite song, or attend a class in your local area. Then, practice it until you can play it fluidly and memorize the lyrics so you don’t have to look at them when you perform.

Once you mastered it, hide your guitar somewhere safe and have it ready on the day of her birthday. Then, you can even perform the song right in front of her eyes in a surprise serenade!

7. Throw a secret birthday party for her and get all of her friends and family to be there.

For this surprise birthday idea, you’ll need to gather all of her friends and family so that you can throw a party for her on the day of her birthday.

How to do:

Pick out a location and invite everyone to be there. Then, keep it a secret from your girlfriend! When the day finally arrives, tell her that you have something important to do and ask her to come with you before the celebration. Once there, present her with the party that you’ve planned just for her!

8. Create a treasure hunt with clues that leads to where you’re going to have dinner for her birthday.

This surprise birthday idea is perfect for an outdoorsy girlfriend who loves to have fun! She’ll feel like a child again as she follows the clues along, and it’s sure to be one of her most memorable birthdays.


How to do:

Come up with a list of clues that will lead her to where you’re going to have dinner for her birthday. Write these clues down on pieces of paper and give her one each location leading up to her destination. It should be a lot of fun for her as she works to solve each clue while enjoying the ride!

9. Surprise her on vacation with another trip she’s always wanted to go on.

If you’re thinking of surprising her with a trip, why not surprise her with one that she’s always wanted to go on? This will be sure to make for an unforgettable birthday surprise!

How to do:

Find out where she’s always wanted to go. Then, book the trip for the day of her birthday and pre-book all the activities that she’ll want to do once she gets there. Once you arrive, it’s time for a special birthday getaway just for her!

10. Surprise her with a day of pampering at a spa for two, including a massage and foot rub.

For this surprise birthday idea, you’ll need to take her to a spa for the day. Make it special by including a massage and foot rub. This will be sure to make her feel beautiful and relaxed all day long!

How to do:

First, find out what type of spa treatments she enjoys most. Then, book her a day at a local spa with you as her treat! If possible, as the spa center to play her favorite music and have a massage therapist and foot scrubber waiting for her at the spa.

11. Write her a birthday poem and put it in a frame for the house.

Birthday poem is sure to let her know that you love thinking of her on her special day! This surprise birthday idea will have her feeling loved all year long.

How to do:

Either create your own poem or find a romantic one online. Then, write it down by hand on a piece of nice paper and place it in a frame to surprise her on her birthday! To make it more special, you can even read it out loud to her. This will be sure to make for a perfect birthday surprise!

12. Get a bunch of balloons with the message “Happy Birthday Wishes” and pop them at random times throughout the day.

If you’re surprised by her on her birthday with a friendly budget, this is it! This will be sure to make her smile all day long.

How to do:

Simply get some balloons and small paper, and write different messages on them. Then, place them all around the house and yard, and let her pop at random times throughout the day. This is sure to bring a smile to her face and make her feel loved all day long.

13. Post birthday announcements on your website, blog, or social network page.

Another great surprise birthday idea is to post a special announcement on your website or blog for her to read. This will be a great way to announce that it’s her birthday, and she’ll love finding out from you!

How to do:

Post an announcement that simply says, “Happy Birthday to my amazing girlfriend! I’m so glad to have you in my life!” This will be sure to brighten her birthday!

14. Get tickets to a concert where she loves the band/singers or shows they are going to perform at.

This surprise birthday idea is a great way to guarantee a fun time for your girlfriend. She’ll be so excited to have concert tickets, and you can even attend the show with her!

How to do:

Find out which band/singer she loves and pre-purchase concert tickets for them at their next show. Store them in your wallet or give them to her on the day of her birthday. Then, be sure to go up with her and enjoy the celebratory night!

Tips for planning a surprise birthday ideas:

To make any of these surprise birthday ideas a complete surprise, here are some useful tips that you might want to consider:

  • Think about her personality and lifestyle; what does she like the most? What did she always want?
  • Make sure it’s personalized for her, but still, something that she’ll think is special and unique!
  • Give yourself an ample amount of time before her actual birthday date (this will help reduce stress). Sometimes planning things last minute can end up ruining the surprise or putting too much pressure on you! Allocate at least a month or more before her actual birthday.
  • Think about what your girlfriend’s reaction might be, and plan accordingly. For example, if she hates surprise parties then don’t throw one for her!
  • Have fun with it! Planning the perfect surprise is supposed to be an exciting experience for both of you.
  • Don’t forget to buy her a birthday gift that she’ll really love, don’t just purchase it at the last minute.

What to avoid during this surprise birthday ideas:

Although it is easy to come up with a perfect birthday surprise for your girlfriend, there are still some things you should try and avoid.

  • Don’t be too expensive! Your money will go a long way when it comes to buying the perfect gift for her; don’t blow it on an extravagant present that she’ll never use or doesn’t want.
  • Avoid making any of these surprises overly complicated or else you’ll be stressed out during the time leading up to the actual event. Make sure that you have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong so you don’t have to stress about it.

What to do if the surprise birthday ideas failed:

If you did everything right leading up to her actual birthday, but your girlfriend didn’t like the surprise at all-don’t fret! It’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips on what to do if your surprise birthday ideas fail:

  • Don’t blame yourself or get upset. Unfortunately, sometimes this kind of thing just happens! It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad boyfriend-it just means that it didn’t work out. Keep trying with different ideas; you’ll get it right eventually.
  • If none of the surprise birthday ideas worked out well for your girlfriend, then try talking with her about what went wrong and see if there is anything you can do to make it better next year. That way, she’ll have an awesome birthday in the future!
  • If there are some things that you simply can’t fix or talk about, then don’t worry. You can always plan another romantic surprise at any time of the year, not just on her birthday!


Hopefully, all of these ideas have given you some inspiration for your own perfect birthday surprise for your girlfriend.

Just remember to try and be as creative as possible, but still focused on making sure it’s something simple that she’ll love. She’ll appreciate the thought that goes into it even if she doesn’t like the surprise itself, and she’ll definitely love anything you did for her!

Give it your best shot, and she’ll remember this birthday forever!

(Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any special surprise birthday ideas that you’d like to share with us! And please don’t forget the share button below!)

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