12 Best Gifts For A 9-Year-Old Girl

Need some great gifts for the special girl age 9 on your gift list? Find 12 Best Gifts For A 9-Year-Old Girl that she will LOVE at HAHAPPYGiftIdeas.com. Read on to discover how simple it is to get the perfect gifts with our thoughtful gift list!

According to WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise, most of the girls by age 9 are thinking more independently and enhancing their decision-making skills. They like making plans ahead of time with companions and having caring, solid friendships. Most of the 9-year-old girls can finish increasingly more complex projects and tasks in school. Plus, they frequently read with a goal of discovering something of interest.

In addition, they also enjoy active activities and become increasingly interested in team sports. 9-year-old girls also like to draw, paint, build models, make jewelry, or do different exercises that utilization their fine motor skills.

So, our guide to the best gifts for 9-year-old girls is packed with great ideas -from educational toy to kids’ cooking set, art and crafts, board game, science kit, robotic toy, personalized skateboard, kids’ tablet, and some fun and adorable gifts. We believe that 9-year-old girls will be thrilled with our ultimate gift list below.

12 Best Gifts & Toys For 9-Year-Old Girls:


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Our Top Picks Of The Best Gifts For A 9-Year-Old Girl are:

1. Unicornbot Coding Stem Learning Kit

Best Gifts For A 9-Year-Old Girl

Check price here: Amazon

Looking for birthday ideas for your 9-year-old daughter? Search no more and let her make her own fantastic UnicornBot! This enchanted UnicornBot kit includes everything that needs to build or invent a buildable, programmable robot. UnicornBots are real; make one, program it, and share it today!

2. MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set

Best Gifts For A 9 Year Old Girl 2 1

Check price here: Amazon

Experience the fun and excitement of the kids’ favorite TV series – MasterChef Junior– at home. MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set includes everything your budding chefs needed. Cooking always gives children basic and essential life skills, it improves kids ‘ fine motor skills and helps them to build self-esteem. Let’s get cooking and become the ultimate MasterChef Junior!

3. Chemistry and Science Kit

Best Gifts For A 9 Year Old Girl 3 1

Check price here: Amazon

The Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Science Kit allows young chemists to start a chain reaction of fun-filled experiments. It helps improve a kid’s problem-solving skills, nurtures their curiosity, and empowers them to understand the world. Your child will be excited to explore new interests with this nice educational set.

4. Refractor Telescope Kids Pak Bundle

Pink TwinStar AstroMark 50mm 75x Refractor Telescope Kids Pak Bundle

Check price here: Amazon

What to get a 9-year-old for her birthday? Well, you’ve found one. Exploring the mysterious space can be inspiring for children, and the right kid’s telescope can create a lifelong interest in science. So, Pink TwinStar AstroMark 50mm 75x Refractor Telescope Kids Pak Bundle is definitely the right gift for your budding scientist!

5. Kids’ Digital Watch with Elastic Nylon Strap

Timex Kids Digital Watch with Elastic Nylon Strap

Check price here: Amazon

A 9-year-old girl may want to wear a cute, stylish digital watch instead of a watch designed with cute animals or princesses. The Pink Timex Kids’ Digital Watch is the right watch to give, and sure to be their favorite watch for years to come.

6. Let’s Master Grade 3 Math Set with Hot Dots Pen

Educational Insights Hot Dots Let Master Grade 3 Math Set with Hot Dots Pen

Check price here: Amazon

Educational Insights Hot Dots Let’s Master Grade 3 Math Set helps your child learn important math concepts that will provide greater mathematical confidence, curiousness, and future academic success.

7. Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It


Check price here: Amazon

If you want your young girl to host a party game to entertain her friends, then it’s time to give her a Spontuneous® Party! It’s fast-paced, fun, full of laughs, and a hilarious board game to improve her social skills through playing and singing!

8. Personalized SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

Personalized SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

Check price here: Amazon

What do 9-year-olds like to do for fun? For most kids, skateboarding is a cool, fun sports game that helps them stay healthy, hang with friends, and explore the city. Your young skaters will absolutely love to skate with their very own skateboard that is personalized with her name.

9. You Fashion Studio’s Creativity for Kids Designed

Creativity for Kids Designed By You Fashion Studio

Check price here: Amazon

Most of the girls have dreamed of becoming fashion designers. With the Creativity for Kids Designed Set, your 9-year-old girl can show off her unique sense of fashion style and turn her dreams into fun fashion items she can imagine. Dream, Draw, and Design!

10.Drawing Tablecloth with Wash-out Fabric Markers 

Doodle Cotton Tablecloth

Check price here: Amazon

Dinner has become more interesting with the Doodle Cotton Drawing Tablecloth Pen Set! Draw, eat and draw some more – Meals just got a lot more fun! It is surely an awesome gift to let your child’s creativity run wild!

11. Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Check price here: Amazon

Amazon Fire Kids Edition is designed with kids in mind. The Fire Kids Edition includes the Fire tablet, 1-year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a Kid-Proof Case. Fire Kids Edition Tablet by Amazon is not a toy, it is a fully-functional Fire tablet with a 7″ IPS display and front and rear cameras which are perfect for kids.

12. Ballerina Girl’s Jewel Storage Case

Smonet Musical Jewelry Box

Check price here: Amazon

The Smonet Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box is the perfect music box that’ll fall into the young girls’ dream category of gift, and it will warm their’s hearts for many years to come. The special young girl on your gift list is certain to treasure her first ballerina music box which is gifted by you.

What is a good gift for a 9 year old Girl?

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Art and Craft Gifts

Arts and crafts are ideal gifts for girls age 9. They’ve reached the age where they can start working on tasks on their own or with a little assistance from mom or dad. This boosts their self-esteem and allows them to express their creativity.

Sport and Outdoors Gifts

Getting youngsters outside and participating in active sports might be difficult in this digital era. A gift aimed toward outdoor fun can help the girls get away from screens, whether it’s Snapchat, videogames, or television. Scooters, skateboards, or even a basic ball game are all good gifts on their 9th birthday.

Jewelry and clothing Gifts

When girls reach the age of nine, they will begin to create their own personal style. Gifts of jewelry and clothing will be appreciated.
Accessorizing with jewelry is a fantastic approach for them to do so.

Technology and Electronics Gifts

You can’t avoid technology and electronics in today’s world. A growing number of products are heading in that direction. These are some of the top toys for 9-year-old girls on the market.

Educational and STEM Gifts

Learning is not just hard work and hassle for the 9-year-old girl; there are numerous pleasant games and activities that can aid in the growth of age 9. To supplement their school curriculum, you might choose from the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

What would a 9 year old want for her birthday?

It’s that difficult and awkward period in a girl’s life. They’re on the verge of puberty, and they’re going through a lot of changes at age 9.

Things will start capturing their attention for longer amounts of time, though their interests may shift depending on their mood as well. They may be interested in beginning new hobbies at this stage.

Thus, a gift that able to help develop their new hobbies, skill, and imagination will be good for a 9-year-old girl.

Girls of this age will acquire an interest in helping them develop new experiences. They may also begin reading independently and have an obsessive need for new books.

Physically, girls at this age may go through a growth spurt and begin to show an interest in sports. Girls may need some gifts to keep them moving and get them out in the fresh air are a terrific idea.