15 Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys

Shopping for teenage guys is not that easy as they can be very particular. Before looking for the best Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys, let us tell you what teenage guys like to be. They are amazing, energetic, and outgoing. Most of the teenage guys love cool and funny gifts that have to do with games, electronics, computers, ball games, riding, hiking, skating, music, cool fashion items, and any other bit of science and technology. They are always looking for new experiences and excitement.

So, as always, we‘re here to help you to choose the best cool gift ideas for teenage boys. We have picked 15 great gifts from various categories that teenage guys will LOVE! All the gifts listed below are the very best of the best, and you are sure to find something to gift and make your teenage boys or nephews SMILE!

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Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys

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Tech Gifts For Teenage Boys

You can’t go wrong getting the moody teenage boy with a Tech gift! High Technology gifts not just make them smile, it also makes them learn. Whether they are into drones, playing with robots, or just a 3D virtual reality headset, read on and we have picked up some nice ideas.

#Help Him Develop New Hobby
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

(Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Amazon.com)

Need gift ideas for teenage guys? Search no more. This coolest drone is not just a remote control toy for teenage guys, but it has an in-flight camera that can develop his hobby and talent in photography in life-long terms. This drone will definitely bring a great learning experience & endless fun for your teenage boy or nephews, and he will be very pleased to get his first drone from you!


#Give Him A Safe & Fun Riding Experience
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Razor Hovertrax

(Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter, Amazon.com)

If you’re searching for cool presents for teenage guys, look no further. Your smart boy deserved the world’s most intelligent self-balancing electric scooter from Razor, the global leader and trusted manufacturer of electronic recreational products. This awesome gift will surely bring him a lot of fun while experiencing a magical, fast, and safe riding experience.

#Give Him A New Friend
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS

(Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS, Amazon.com)

What better than gifting teenage guys an award-winning personal robot that looks cool and fun? Meccano Meccanoid G15KS is just TOO COOL for the teenagers! This fantastic personal robot is almost 4 feet tall (122cm) and comes with over 1000 pre-programmed phrases and voice recognition. It is more than a toy with the most advanced technology.

#For The Young Guys Who Wants To Explore The 3D World
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys ELEGIANT 3D Virtual Reality Headset

(ELEGIANT 3D Virtual Reality Headset With Built-in Headphone, Amazon.com)

One of the hottest tech gifts is Virtual Reality (VR) Gear. If you are limited by budget but want to gift him a high-quality VR Gear, ELEGIANT 3D Virtual Reality Headset is the best choice. Teenage boys will absolutely enjoy the 3D virtual world and have a lot of fun from this great VR Gear!

 #Give Him Something Mini But Great

Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys FKANT Gemini Wireless Mini Bluetooth Headphones

(FKANT Gemini Wireless Mini Bluetooth Headphones, Amazon.com)

Teenage boys love to listen to music. What else better than giving them a pair of wireless earbuds? Wireless earbuds are the coolest and popular gift that guys can enjoy their favorite music freely while walking, running, riding, etc. Wireless earbuds that with great sound and comfortable wearing is an essential item for guys to have, and he’ll LOVE it

Gaming Gift For The Young Gamer

Computer games and Video games are pervasive in the lives of most teenage boys. If he is a gaming boy, buy him something video game-related and help him take the play to the next level. From a Gaming console to a mechanical keyboard, here are the suggestions for you:

#For The Play Station Fans
Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB

(PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB, Amazon.com)

Giving the New Slim PlayStation®4 System as a gift is a sure way to the surprising teenage gamer. The game set includes a New Slim 500GB PlayStation®4 system console, a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller, and a Blu-ray game video. With the New Slim PlayStation®4 System, the teenage guys can connect with the gaming community deeply and opens the door to the amazing immersive new gaming worlds.

#Let’s Upgrade His Keyboard
Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys Mechanical Keyboard

(Corsair Gaming K70 LUX Mechanical Keyboard, Amazon.com)

This Corsair Gaming K70 LUX Mechanical Keyboard is a highly recommended gift for teenage boys who love playing computer games, and they will be happy and pleased with the performance of this legendary mechanical gaming keyboard.

#Give Him The Perfect Sound
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Corsair VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset

(Corsair VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset, Amazon.com)

If your teenage boy still using the wired gaming headset, let’s gift him a wireless one and he will totally delight with this cool and amazing wireless headset!

#Everything Is Going To Wireless
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse

(Logitech Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse, Amazon.com)

If it meets your budget, gift this innovative, ultra-fast, comfortable, and reliable wireless mouse to the gaming guy, and he will definitely love it! The new technique from Logitech totally changes the game of wireless mouse with this advanced optical gaming sensor (PMW3366). Although the price of this mouse is higher among other wireless mouse, you get what you pay for with its advanced technology.


Outdoors Gifts For Sporty Teen Boys

Most boys love sports. For the young active on your gift list, there is so many to gift ideas for you to give. Whether he is into basketball, football, or just loves to move, we have some great ideas.

#For The Basketball Teens
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys DribbleUp Smart Training Basketball

(DribbleUp Smart Training Basketball, Amazon.com)

If you want to step away from gifting traditional basketball to the teenage guys who love playing basketball, then the Dribble Up Smart Training Basketball (with iPhone App) will absolutely be the best alternative choice.  This innovative and interactive basketball can track and analyze dribbling, measure crossover speed, location and height consistency, and more.

#If He loves Riding 
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard

(Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard, Amazon.com)

The cool and impressive riding board is always a favorite gift idea for boys. They will love everything about this Volador Longboard and surely enjoy the fun, smooth, and free riding experience.

#For The NFL Fans
NFL tickets

(online tickets service, ticketliquidator.com)

If you’re looking for gifts that will surprise the young NFL fans on your list, search no more and buy a ticket of his favorite team. What better than watch and support your team live at the venue?

More Gift Ideas For Teenage Boys 


Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Under Armour Backpack

(Under Armour Backpack, Amazon.com)

A stylish but functional backpack is a must-have item for teenage guys. He always needs a durable backpack to carry lots of books but also wants to look cool. This Under Armour Storm Recruit Backpack is functional and cool-looking as well.


#Surfboard Hoodie
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Vintage Surfboard Hoodie

(Koloa Surf Co. Vintage Surfboard Hoodie, Amazon.com)

Looking for cool clothes to gift the teenage guys and nephews?  Hoodies always make a good and nice outfit for young men in any activity, such as walking, running, playing basketball, or even a just vacation or back to school. This vintage surfboard hoodie from Koloa Surf is a great stylish choice for your loved boy.


#The Dirty Dunk
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys The Dirty Dunk

(The Dirty Dunk, Amazon.com)

This amazing gift turns chores into a game and no more messy piles of clothes! Both teenage guys and Moms will love this cool and awesome “Dirty Dunk” laundry basketball hoop! Let’s Slam dunk dirty clothes! LOL

#Electric Guitar Pack
Cool Gifts For Teenage Boys Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

(Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack, Amazon.com)

Looking for gifts for teenage guys age 13? Does he decide to learn electric guitar? This fantastic Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack is a great instrument to start the musical journey of your talented boy. It includes a 15-watt Yamaha amp, picks, straps, strings, tuner, and a Quickstart DVD for beginners to learn the basics and serval chords.

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  2. Well considering teenage boys can be so difficult to buy for it looks like you have found the jack pot.

    My little guy isn’t in teenage years yet but I imagine for those who are they would love to get any of these gifts.

    It is nice to see that some of the gifts are getting them outside. It is great that we can get along with a happy medium. It seems these days kids forget what outside is.

    thanks for this.

    1. We’re glad to have your positive feedback. 

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  3. Hi! These look like some great choices for teenage guys. It always takes me so long to find a good gift for my cousins or my brother and I like that most of the products they can use outdoors because so many teenagers are playing video games instead of playing outside.

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  4. This is an amazing website. I have a teenage son that is very techy. Anything to do with electronics
    would put a smile on his face. He has been talking about a new mouse and loves Logitech products. I have the keyboard and mouse and he keeps trying to get me to switch with him (not happening). I like the wireless gaming mouse on your site and think it is going to be a great Christmas gift for him. He also wants the gaming headset so I have bookmarked your website because I do not know much about them. Thanks for the great gift ideas.

    1. Thank you for your sharing and positive feedback.

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    I think your post is very interesting and has something to offer for that hard to gift teenage boy. I don’t have any boys and all of my nephews are in their 20s now but if I did these would be some great ideas to get me started. I like the fact that you offer a variety of ideas and mixed a little old with new technology; like the basketball interactive training. Very cool! Thanks for all the info and best wishes!

    1. Thank you for visiting our site and your positive comments.

  6. Beth Bishop says:

    Thank you heather for this amazing list of stuff! Have you heard of CubbyCase? I recently heard about them from another parent and they’re a learning through play subscription box for children, by Harvard experts! Thought that would make a really interesting gift for kids.

    1. Thank you for the great ideas about CubbyCase, we will definitely look into this.

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